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19 2008

Help is here, for ye’ all who have bladder problems!

I don’t usually care when emails arrive in my school inbox since most of them turn out to be intra-school spam anyway (e.g. co-curricular groups promoting their events, day-to-day preaching by the higher school management and yadda yadda.)

This particular email was a from a group which called SMU Peerhelpers.

Somehow, I decided to pay attention to this one because … I don’t really know, actually.

Maybe because there was just something so blatantly wrong about their subject line? Something just looked strange, but I couldn’t place my finger immediately on exactly what. It only struck me after a few seconds.

Take a look for yourself.


All of a sudden, SMU Peerhelpers has transformed into SMU Peehelpers.


Have you seen a doctor for your bladder problems today? Bladder stones blocking the path of your usual steady stream of pee? Having problems preventing yourself from pee-ing all over the sidewalk? Maybe the pee helpers can help.


08 2008

Want some swimming lessons?

Spotted this sign by the roadside this evening and was a little amused by it.

Swimming lessons!

Swimming lessons, you say?

I hope it’s not conducted in that drain it’s attached to. :P

I doubt the sign’s owner realized his little folly there – that his sign may drive home the wrong message. But I thank him for that little laugh I got anyway.


Ah, well. Should be heading off to lala-land soon since it’d be another early day for me tomorrow as my family and I make another twice-yearly venture to the unknown terrain (HA. HA. HA.) of Genting Highlands.

Me, my heavy (full of rocks?!?) baggage, sunburn (ouch!) and rashes (developed an allergic reaction to the groundwater showers at Pulau Sibu – delayed reaction but heck, still as itchy as ever!) are all ready and raring to go!

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