Whee! Doing a stunt!

Hello, I blog!

I write with no particular theme in mind, because I am random like that.

Brenda Who?

Oh hello! I’m Brenda Nicole Tan. Just call me Brenda, because um … people don’t refer to one another by their full names, don’t they?

The name ‘Brenda’ means ‘sword’. It has a violent meaning, methinks. But I don’t see myself as a violent person. Aggressive, perhaps. The most I’d do is punch a few pillows and kick a few walls. Not to mention how I curse and swear too much for my own good. But I’d never lay a finger on people. (Unless you’re this person.)

I live in Singapore, the country so humid that you are literally swimming in hot air. Think a giant sauna.

I was born on the 6th November 1986, which makes me 30 years old. Although I like to think I am older or younger, depending on the situation. I don’t look my age. I’ve had people mistaking me for a 18 year old, even up to today. And I let them bask in that reverie until the first expletive slipped out, which was when they decided I was much, much older. (Uh, oops.)

That's me!
I smile at bright colours, but ironically I like to wear black and white.

I’m a perfectionist. I write in a straight line, have my books arranged on my shelf according to author and size, and my clothes arranged according to colour. One speck of dust on my table and I’d scream. One object out of place and I’d yelp.

I have a problem with authority, and an ego too large for my small frame. I only do things when I want to and see the value in doing it, and not because I am told to do so. I am also highly protective of my individuality, and I don’t appreciate people trying to change me.

I’m weird. I break into random facts, quips or toilet humour as and when I feel like it. These may either be witty, corny or just ‘too much information’. You can either say that I brighten up your life, or that I drive you up the wall. I’ll let you decide. (;

I do silly stuff, like crawling under tables as if they were tunnels, doing work under the table and making crazy faces in photos. I also like wearing raincoats and jumping into puddles during heavy rainstorms.

I challenge social norms, because I believe the human race has to re-evaluate how we do things. Just because a habit or a practice is generally accepted, or has become ‘a part of the real world’ doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. I see a lot of flaws in human society – particularly its stiffness and strong adherence to social ‘rules’ – and I intend to make a difference to that.

I’m highly driven. Once I set my mind on a goal, I’d do everything within my means to achieve it. (This sounds like a line out of a resume. -.-) Well, apart from the goal of getting out of bed each morning on time, that is, considering how I snooze my alarm clock on average six times a day.

I love spending time with my close friends and family – the two groups of people who can identify with me and keep me laughing all day long. I don’t like watching movies as I believe that spending quality time together does not constitute spending two or more hours in a dark cinema with the only form of contact being hands brushing against one another in a box of popcorn.

I’m the girl clearly distinguished by my black spectacles and (fake) blonde hair.

And I salute you if you’ve read this far.

Blogs have feelings too, so it deserves an introduction …

I’ve been blogging since mid-2001. My thoughts can be pretty random, so I publish posts at my own whim and fancy. This blog shall have no particular theme, because I enjoy the therapeutic effects of rambling about anything under the sun. Have you ever experienced the feeling of being so liberated after you’ve gotten everything out of your system? (Kinda like the sense of satisfaction after having a really good shit.)

I draw, code and write everything you see on this site, because I like creating things from scratch. (Except the WordPress blogging engine of course, because I can’t do amazing shizzle like that.)

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