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03 2011

11:38 PM



Written in the Stars

My new favourite song. I first heard it when I was in New Zealand and subsequently, the song just stuck. Beautiful tune at the chorus and lyrics that make loads of sense. It’s now spinning on repeat in my iPod and I doubt I’d ever get sick of it.

I hope you guys like it too.

Music video for Tinie Tempah’s “Written in the Stars”, uploaded by parlophone on Youtube.

Written in the Stars – Tinie Tempah (feat. Eric Turner)
Oh, written in the stars, a million miles away
A message to the main, oh
Seasons come and go, but I will never change
And I’m on my way

Lets go, yeah, you’re listening now
They say they ain’t heard nothing like this in a while
That’s why they play my song on so many different dials
Cause I got more hits than a disciplined child
When they see me everybody brrrrraps, brrrrrraps
Man I’m like a young gun fully black Barrack
I cried tear drops over the massive attack
I only make hits like I work with a racket and bat
Look at my jacket and hat
So damn berserk, so down to earth
I’m bringing gravity back
Adopted by the major, I want my family back
People work hard just to get all their salary taxed
Look I’m just a writer from the ghetto like Malory Blackman
(Where the hell’s all the sanity at? Damn.)
I used to be the kid that no one cared about
That’s why you have to keep screaming till they hear you out

Oh, written in the stars, a million miles away
A message to the main, oh
Seasons come and go, but I will never change
And I’m on my way

Yeah, I needed a change
When we ate we never took because we needed a change
I needed a break
For a sec’ I even gave up believing and praying
I even done the legal stuff and was leaded astray
They said that money is the root to the evilest ways
But have you ever been so hungry that it keeps you awake
Mate, now my hunger would leave them amazed
Great, it feels like a long time coming
Since the day I thought of that cunning plan
One day I had a dream I tried to chase it
But I wasn’t going nowhere, running round
I knew that maybe someday I would understand
Trying to turn a tenner to a hundred grand
Everyone’s a kid that no-one cares about
You just got to keep screaming until they hear you out

Another one of his songs that appealed to me is “Invincible”, recorded in partnership with Kelly Rowland – which initially led me to believe that Tinie Tempah may end up becoming one of the very few singers/rappers whose entire repertoire of songs will appeal to me. Turned out he didn’t. Other than “Invincible” and “Written in the Stars” (as of end-December 2010), nothing else appealed.

For now, I am utterly in love with “Written in the Stars”. Excuse me while I head back to listening to this song on repeat.

My life’s full of little theme songs.

If I want to relive any part of my life, all I have to do is to play its song.

I don’t know about everyone else, but almost every aspect of my life is defined by a particular song. Be it an event, a phase of life or a vacation. All I have to do is to play the song, and it brings back the atmosphere and the memories.

How does a song become the ‘theme song’ of a particular phase of my life?

Well, it could be that the song was ubiquitous at that point in time. It could also be a song that was playing over and over in my head throughout the period, or a song that I just happened to hear before the event took place and it somehow stuck. Otherwise, it could be particularly poignant or memorable catch-phrases in the song which fitted the event.

Every vacation I take with my parents, friends or relatives has its own ‘theme song’, which really helps when I crave for another holiday. When I feel particularly reminiscent, I’ll play the song, sit back and daydream … and suddenly, I’ll find myself back at the place again.

Almost every song on my playlist has an event attached to it.

Meanwhile, lemme’ share some of my favourite songs over the years, and the various life events they were attached to.

(Warning, long entry up ahead!)

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