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13 2016

10:56 AM

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Sorry, Hostgator!

I forgot to pay my hosting bill.

I had this sudden urge today to take a peek at my blog. No idea where the urge came from. I was just lying in bed and reading a book and suddenly, I just reached for my phone and navigated here. (How random, I know.)

And realized it was kaput.


And I totally flipped.

The error page stated “suspended account”. And being the technical person I am, thoughts such as “DID SOMEONE BREAK INTO MY ACCOUNT TO SEND SPAM?!” were racing through my mind.

Only when I logged into my billing account and saw warnings everywhere along the lines of “O$P$” (“owe money, pay money”, for the uninitiated) did I realize my boo-boo.

Funnily though, I did login to my billing account to update my credit card details when I received the payment notification.

Only that I entered the details wrong.

Then forgot all about it, thinking it’d auto-renew as it should.

Which it didn’t.

I am getting absent-minded. Sorry guys. If anyone’s still reading and thought that I had decided to just let this blog die, I’m still alive and so is my site. I’ve been doing this since 2001 and no matter how unmotivated I am to write these days, I will never ever (like, EVER) let this site die.

It was part of my teenhood, and then my young adulthood. Those years of me glued to my computer designing layout after layout back in the 2000s (which I don’t do anymore). Posts may have dwindled but this place still holds memories.

So, phew. Welcome back, my dear site.

And thank you, Hostgator for not deleting my stuff even though I owed you money. You just saved me from a re-uploading nightmare.

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19 2008

Help is here, for ye’ all who have bladder problems!

I don’t usually care when emails arrive in my school inbox since most of them turn out to be intra-school spam anyway (e.g. co-curricular groups promoting their events, day-to-day preaching by the higher school management and yadda yadda.)

This particular email was a from a group which called SMU Peerhelpers.

Somehow, I decided to pay attention to this one because … I don’t really know, actually.

Maybe because there was just something so blatantly wrong about their subject line? Something just looked strange, but I couldn’t place my finger immediately on exactly what. It only struck me after a few seconds.

Take a look for yourself.


All of a sudden, SMU Peerhelpers has transformed into SMU Peehelpers.


Have you seen a doctor for your bladder problems today? Bladder stones blocking the path of your usual steady stream of pee? Having problems preventing yourself from pee-ing all over the sidewalk? Maybe the pee helpers can help.


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