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06 2012

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The day time slowed to a crawl

Adventures in San Francisco, 29th February – 17th March 2012

There’s just something about nature that slows time down. (Or not quite – I’ve had similar all-nature days here in Singapore but the time still felt the same.) Up till today, I still can’t solve the puzzle of the seemingly “extended” time we’ve had on one particular day in San Francisco.

I can’t quite describe the day in words, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Japan Town.
Umbrella frenzy at Japan Town, San Francisco.

Waiting for the bus.
Waiting for the bus. Awesome weather we’re having.

Picnics in the outdoors are awesomeness, at least in San Francisco. We had 2 picnics on this day alone because the weather was just too, too perfect. It looks pretty hot out but it actually isn’t – it was a cool 15 degrees. Couple the weather with great scenery and company and you’ll get a perfect setting for a picnic (with good food).

Can’t quite do the same in Singapore unfortunately, because you’ll be sweltering before you can even spell H-O-T.

Packed sushi and chocolate eclairs for our peekneek lunch.

This is Land’s End. The place to which we boarded the wrong bus and (nearly) got lost. You’re guaranteed fantastic views of the open sea every direction you look.

Land's End.
Land’s End – rockiest coast in San Francisco.

Basking in the sun.
Taking a breather in the sun.

We strolled South along the perimeter of the San Francisco Coast from Land’s End until we arrived at Camera Obscura, which is near Ocean Beach. There’s a huge, rotating lens with an attached sensor mounted at the top of the structure that captures 360 degrees view of the surrounding area, which is reflected on a large, circular concave screen within the structure.

You can actually walk right into the camera to view the projected image (and basically spy on everyone at Ocean Beach). Pretty fascinating.

Camera Obscura.
Camera Obscura – Friggin big-ass functional camera with a 360 degree view of Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach.
The extremely vast (and crowded) Ocean Beach.

It was actually at this point in time when I did a time check and to my shock, it was only 2pm (while I expected it to be much, much later – closer to 4pm perhaps). So much for “time flies when you’re having fun”.

We’ve actually explored more places beyond the above but I hardly took pictures. Just wanted to chill as much possible and enjoy the walk around without the camera around my neck.

Towards 5pm, we returned to Ocean Beach to watch the sun set right into the ocean. Judging by the crowd, it seems to be a natural attraction for most SF residents as well. (;

Ending the day with watching the sun set right into the sea.

If you’d like to retrace our route, here are the details.

Board bus 38 from downtown (Geary Street) heading West to Japan Town for a bit of exploration. (Tip: don’t go there on Sundays because most shops and restaurants are closed! Supermarket is open, though.) You may pack some food from the Japanese supermarket in the heart of Japan Town if you intend to do a picnic later. (; From Japan Town, board the same bus (line 38) heading West to Land’s End.

There are multiple trails around Land’s End, so explore at your own will. Once you’re done, walk South from Land’s End and you should be able to see Ocean Beach (and Camera Obscura, if you look closely enough). Pop by Camera Obscura (trust me, you won’t want to miss it! (;), and then stroll along the stretch of Ocean Beach to Golden Gate Park. Stop by the windmills, and then head East to the Chain of Lakes.

Walk West towards Ocean Beach again if you’d like to catch the sunset. (Sunset times vary with the time of the year.) After nightfall, board bus 5 along Fulton Street to head back downtown.

Have fun!

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