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22 2012

A gift to my favourite couple

So my favourite couple Grace and Douglas recently got engaged! In Switzerland no less. Woohoo! It got little ol’ me so excited that I just had to get them something. :P

Store-bought gifts are just so tacky, and I always liked DIY-ing gifts. So, why not?

I ended up painting tees for them – playing around with Douglas’ last name which is ‘Fun’. Originally thought of “Mr Fun” and “Mrs Fun” (yes, how original that is) but later decided that it would look odd if they were wearing their tees separately. So, I had think of slogans that would still make sense.

Yay for t-shirts!
Viola, homemade couple t-shirts!

I finally decided on “I Am Fun” and “I (Heart) Fun”.

Tracing the letters (and especially the heart) proved to be a challenge – I had no stencils to fall back on apart from a 4B pencil and a ruler. Painting in the letters without going beyond the lines was an even greater challenge. (It was midnight, and I was pretty sleepy.) But still, they turned out awesome.

All packed and ready to go!
All packed and ready to go!


If you’d like a detailed post on how I paint my t-shirts, you may want to check this out.

Sidenote, the plain tees were from Giordano. Pretty awesome material too – soft and comfy – with a wide range of colours. I might even want to get some to DIY more tees for myself. We’ll see.

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  • 23 Apr 2012
    10:31 PM


    congrats to grace! (: and this is actually a really neat gift idea ;)

    • 06 May 2012
      2:02 AM


      Heh, thanks! Will pass your greetings on to her. (:

  • 28 Apr 2012
    10:32 PM


    I cannot fathom how you painted those letters perfectly, especially since you were half asleep! I applaud you (not meant in a demeaning manner).

    Congratulations to the couple. :)

    • 06 May 2012
      2:03 AM


      A perfectionist will always be a perfectionist. :P And working on details actually makes me more alert after a while, so it all went well.

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