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08 2011

O hai, I am not technical support. Kthx.

In view of recent developments at home – mum getting her very first iOS device last week (the white iPhone 4), and the family maid acquiring a laptop last night – I decided enough was enough and decided to tack the following sign on my door.

This is not the technical support centre!
This is not the technical support centre!

The hastily handwritten sign now joins three existing passive-aggressive signs on the door.

No entry.
Bottom line: No entry. Kthxbai.

Hey, I am not the technical support hotline. :(

And to put it very aptly in my dad’s terms, mum + iPhone = iSuffer.

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  • 12 Jun 2011
    1:01 PM


    Totally understands your annoyance. I’ve this problem as well although I won’t resort to having post sticks on my door. My dad is so going to kill me if he sees that. He has the mentality that since I’m his daughter, I’m obliged to help and give him all the support he needs. Sigh. I’m used to it… really.

    • 14 Jun 2011
      2:04 PM


      Parents should understand that we need our own space too. (; Oh wells. Yesterday I reached home and found the sign missing. No idea who the culprit is, though.

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