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17 2010

Ice-cream monster

[Written at 2.20 P.M. (17th May) Singapore time, 11:20 P.M. (16th May) Vancouver time.]

With repeated nagging from mum to abstain from ice-cream prior to the trip (because she’s oh-so paranoid that I’d fall sick), I did my best to. It was a really trying experience, though – because I really love ice-cream and temptation was everywhere.

But now that I am finally in Vancouver, and presented with Sara’s old-fashioned ice cream, I jumped in with a scoop each of cotton candy and cookie dough.

Ice Cream Monster
Oom, nom, nom, nom.

It was yummy, by the way. Tasty, yet not too sweet.

Extremely friendly ice-cream for my slightly diabetic grandmother too. (;

Vancouver’s really nice so far. We’re surrounded by snow-capped mountains visible in the distance from almost all directions. Weather’s pretty awesome too – a good respite from the recent sauna-like weather we’ve been having in Singapore.

I found myself automatically waking up at 5 this morning as the sun was streaming in through the windows (the sun rises really early here in the summer) and couldn’t get back to sleep. Gotta’ start getting used to this, man – I’m going to have to deal with light in my face for the next month or so. (I am too used to sleeping in dark environments.)

We’re driving down to Seattle tomorrow for some good, solid factory-outlet shopping. Whoopie.

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  • 18 May 2010
    4:23 PM


    ICE CREAM! Chomp chomp nom nom nom.

  • 18 May 2010
    5:04 PM


    Just cookie dough for me please! I hope you have a blast!

    • 18 May 2010
      11:06 PM


      The cookie dough was so fantastic I wish I could send some to you. (;

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