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28 2010

Singapore Bloggers’ Meet-up

This is possibly my second gathering with my fellow Singaporean bloggers – Dayna, Cherlynn and Ivy. (Actually, I’ve met Dayna and Ivy last year at a phone launch but that wasn’t a “gathering” gathering, so it ain’t counted, eh? (;)

Terry was supposed to come too, but fell sick at the eleventh hour. Apparently, Ivy claimed he sounded like an old man when he phoned her. Get well soon Terry, and we wish you were here!

The day started off with Ivy arriving at Relax Bistro (located at level 2, 313 Somerset) at 1.10 p.m. to find none of us around … even though we were all supposed to meet at 1 p.m. Oops. We eventually had a full crowd only at 2ish.

The food there was awesome. Pretty reasonably priced too. They also have some mad awesome drinks and desserts. (Think drinkable tiramisu and dark chocolate. Mmmm.)

Hello, Dayna!
Bewildered Dayna flanked by Ivy’s mushroom soup (left) and my dark chocolate drink.

It so happened that I discovered the happening of a flea market in the near vicinity earlier in the day, and everyone was in agreement about spending the afternoon there. Gee, I hadn’t done any proper shopping in weeks and a flea market is the best way to begin if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, aye?

The selection of stalls at the flea market was decent, but the crowd management was pretty bad. Tables and chairs were scattered everywhere and it was hard to make out a distinct ‘path’ through the stalls. Cherlynn and I were separated from Dayna and Ivy at one point, and we had a hard time re-locating one another. Calls were missed due to the booming music (hoo, boy!) and it was hard to make one another out in the huge sea of faces. (People were starting to look like one another – that’s how badly the crowd boggled the mind.)

Us, post-flea.
Cherlynn, Dayna and Ivy and I, post-flea market.

The above picture was taken at a slightly quieter section of the flea market which we spent the most time at. Of course, shopping loot was aplenty … but you can’t see them in the picture. That’s what carrying big bags are for. (;

Dayna then suggested we head to Takashimaya, where there was a showcase of Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossoms). With the recent spring fever and the anticipation of more photo-taking opportunities, we made our way there merrily with high expectations of mock-landscapes with Sakura.

Unfortunately, we were left disappointed. The following video says it all.

Spokesperson – Cherlynn, with video-editing done by yours’ truly.

So, we spent the rest of the day lurking around within Takashimaya – checking out craft and scrapbooking stores, oogling at novelty toy-stores at the top floor (today’s kids have it good!) which eventually culminated with dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen.

While shopping.
Us, mid-shopping. (And me, mid-handphone usage.)

Dayna was pretty much comatose by then (apparently, she can’t survive the day without having a cuppa’ Earl Grey tea in the mornings), and so she listened most of the time as Cherlynn, Ivy and I yammered on non-stop about almost everything under the sun.

We decided to continue with even more window shopping post-dinner in an attempt to settle our extremely full stomachs. There were quite a number of sales everywhere – I think Ivy bought the most among us all – and we were basically drawn into almost all the shops that had that big, welcoming red sign. The funniest event of the day occurred at Fox.

(Cherlynn is totally going to kill me for mentioning this. In fact, she threatened us – and our sites – with DoS attacks. Teehee. Until now, I am still tickled pink by it. (;)

(Cherlynn – after trying on a grey tank top screenprinted with the Superman logo – asking for our opinions at the fitting rooms.)

Cherlynn – “How does this look?”
Dayna/Ivy/Me – “It’s cute!/It looks good!/You should get it!”
Cherlynn – “Really? Are you sure I don’t look like a hooker?”

(Song, titled ‘Hooker’ by Pink was playing in the background, and a particularly poignant phrase decided to ring out at that point in time.)


Dayna/Ivy/Me – “…”

Boy, talk about bad timing. Hahahahaha. But no worries, Cherlynn. It’s a perfectly innocent-looking top and you don’t have to worry about anything wearing it. Besides, Superman is awesome!

It’s been a long, tiring day and I ought to get my weary self into bed. A coupla’ heart-flutter attacks happened in the late afternoon/evening and I was largely trying to ignore them. But they’re taking their toll now, and I really should sleep.

Methinks Dayna, Cherlynn and Ivy would be telling their sides of the story for today’s events later on. And I wouldn’t be surprised if any one of them decides to write about how I fell smack on my bottom (resulting in a bruised bum and dignity) after taking the following photo.

Cherlynn and Dayna, with me attempting a stunt.

Heh. Let’s meet up again, guys! It was really a really awesome day – with much conversation and laughter – and we should definitely do this more often!

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  • 28 Mar 2010
    3:51 AM


    LOL i will attempt to hack your servers once i can omg! lol. the “hooker” part of the outfit was mainly the daisy dukes i was also trying on to go with the tank top

    anyway, it was a really really fun day indeed! yes can’t wait for our next meetup =)

    btw love what you did with the video =) subtitles + music + pictures of actual blooming sakura = GOOD! =D

    ps you linked me everywhere as chervalier.org which means i now have to get off my ass and make a placeholder page sorta.. lol (j/k don’t worry about it haha)

    • 28 Mar 2010
      3:35 PM


      Oops! Hahaha. I thought there was an automatic redirect to your blog from the domain. (; Anyway, I’ve updated the links already so not to worry!

      I didn’t get to see the daisy dukes. :( Aww. I was hidden in the fitting room at that time.

  • 28 Mar 2010
    8:37 PM


    I love the video! It’s like the best ever! :D

    I’m like OMG when I saw the photo you use at the top of your post. That’s like the most unflattering photo of me ever! But okay since you said it’s cute. I’ll assume I am (shamelessly). :P I’m glad you didn’t upload the ATM interview of me. That’s like my most epic fail!

    I had a great time too! Who is planning the next one? :D

    • 28 Mar 2010
      9:39 PM


      Haha, you and Terry have planned the previous outings … so, shall I plan the next one? (;

      We’ll use our Facebook group to organize, okay? Heh.

      • 28 Mar 2010
        10:34 PM


        Okay! No prob, we will take turns then? :)

        I’ll be using your video on my post (with credit, of course), let me know if you are all right with it?


        • 28 Mar 2010
          10:35 PM


          Haha, of course you can use the video! :P No worries about it at all. It’s meant for all of us – keepsakes. Heh.

          Can’t wait to see your post!

  • 28 Mar 2010
    8:48 PM


    Looks like you girls had a good day together! Minus the disappointing cherry blossoms. Maybe when I move to Singapore, you can show me around!

    • 30 Mar 2010
      10:24 AM


      Definitely. (; Just gimme’ a heads-up if you’re coming over!

  • 28 Mar 2010
    10:57 PM


    Oooooh, I will be stopping by those girls’ blogs to see what they’re about! :)

    Looks like you had a fun time despite the dying sakura. I love everybody’s accents! <3

  • 29 Mar 2010
    10:45 AM


    Awww! What a great way to spend a day. And what an old Pink song (and wasn’t it one of those surprise ones at the end of an album?). She’s one of my favorite singers though, so I’m glad she got mentioned in your entry. ;) You’re lucky you know more bloggers in your area to meet up with! :)

  • 29 Mar 2010
    11:38 AM

    What happens when 4 girls are put together? » Amour Chaleur

    […] fantastic video is taken and edited by Brenda. You should definitely check out her post and Cherlynn’s about our outing. It has an extremely unflattering but cute (according to her) […]

  • 30 Mar 2010
    8:23 PM


    Drinkable tiramisu? Now this I must try.

    • 31 Mar 2010
      1:08 AM


      It’s a drink called tiramisu. Rightly named, too! With alcohol and coffee and the works. It is apparently, damn good!

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