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05 2010

Dreams that made me go W-T-F.

My imagination seems to be going on constant overdrive mid-sleep the past few nights, and end up waking the next morning feeling as if I’ve been teleported to some wacky land overnight.

Rewind two nights ago.

Grace and I were holidaying in Hong Kong. (Well, this vacation did happen, but it was way back in January last year.) We were at Tung Chung, and we wanted to head to Ngong Ping. The only way to get there was through an undersea bridge/walkway because Ngong Ping was several hundred feet below sea level.

Now, this totally does not make sense. Because in reality, Ngong Ping is a highland area and the way to get there is via a cable car.

Now, you see why I’m so bewildered.

It doesn’t stop there. Grace and I proceeded to Ngong Ping via the undersea walkway when a glass window suddenly flew open (now, undersea walkways don’t have windows that can open, do they?) and the entire walkway began filling up with water very quickly.

So, we quickly detoured and ran up flight after flight of stairs struggling to head back to the ground level of Tung Chung. We emerged drenched from bottom down, but okay.

Then I woke up, thinking “W-T-F?”

Rewind to last night.

I was given this tiny device. Think a toy aeroplane which you can sit on. (Not in. On. Apparently, you sit on top of it with your legs dangling over the wings.) There is also this black lever which controls the direction the plane flies.

So, I sat on it, pressed some button and off I went. I flew around buildings, I chased birds, and basically made everyone on ground level look up at me in admiration. (It was low-altitude flying, by the way. Like, maximum 100 metres above street level?)

Then, I heard a whistle blow. I looked down and saw this policeman chasing after me on the road and catching up. (Look now, since when can a policeman on foot out-run a plane?!)

Eventually, I was shouted at for flying without a pilot’s license.

Then, I was awoken by my ringing alarm clock. And when I smacked it shut and yelled “WHAT THE HECK?” – the exasperation wasn’t actually directed at the alarm clock for the first time.

Honestly, can I have normal dreams tonight, pleeeease?

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  • 05 Mar 2010
    9:31 AM


    I would be worried when dreams start to make sense (unless we discover that dreams are some sort of alternate universe)! XD

  • 07 Mar 2010
    3:52 AM


    Yeah, I’m not sure I would want normal dreams either. At least something exciting is happening in your dream world! What if you just had to go to work at a boring, dead-end job every night in your dreams?! The horror!

    • 13 Mar 2010
      4:52 AM


      Of course, but not so extreme! Somewhere in the middle between normalcy and um, quirky will be nice.

  • 11 Mar 2010
    5:06 PM


    I’ve been having really weird dreams lately too! Just last night I dreamt that I went for a holiday somewhere; it was at night and the streets and houses were really dark, and the whole place just seemed so shady. :S May we both have better dreams from now on. :)

  • 16 Mar 2010
    2:05 PM


    wow u can really design and execute! You’re my blog guru now haha.

    Looks like you like reality more than dreamland haha. I’m amazed how you can remember the dream so clearly! think i forget everything after 1 hour…

  • 16 Mar 2010
    6:59 PM


    I’m so jealous of you. I don’t dream much and when I do, it’s *always* nightmares.


    I don’t think dreams are supposed to make sense, btw. :D It’s like… brain time off!

    • 16 Mar 2010
      9:32 PM


      I should make a movie out of my dreams!

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