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01 2009

My cousin, the glutton

When my aunt, uncle and younger cousin returned to Singapore (from Vancouver, where the younger cousin was furthering his studies) for a visit a couple of weeks back, they brought with them a horde of goodies.

Sweets, biscuits, jellybeans and whatnot.

I am not really a sweets person, though I rummaged through the bags and bags of goodies out of curiosity. The aunt said I could take anything I wanted since the goodies were for all of is, but I still felt a little bad taking too much.

I ended up nomming on a few jellybeans, and chanced upon this really delicious milk candy (in a red wrapper) which I really liked. I ended up pocketing five of them, much to the delight of the aunt who kept beckoning me to take more.

I refused, informing her that I would be content with just five. After all, she had a huge packet available and I can always help myself to more in the future if I still wanted ’em.

The five pieces of milk candy I’ve pocketed were gone in a matter of two days, and I’ve been having a mad craving for them ever since.

A couple of days ago, I popped by my grandmother’s place (where they were staying at during their visit here) and dug around for more milk candy. Grandma and mum tried to assist but because they weren’t very good with recognizing brands, they could only work with the miserable description of “the small candy with the red wrapper”.

We dug about in the refrigerator, in plastic bags and in the various jars stored all over the living room. The search proved futile.

My cousin walked out at that juncture and we pounced on him, asking where the candy was.

“The milk candy?” he grinned at me. “The one with the red wrapper?


“Oh, no more!” says he.

I shot him a questioning look, and he rubbed his belly in response.

Damn. The younger cousin had wolfed down the entire supply of milk candy. The only milk candy I can now find in the house are traces of it in his pee or poop. Oh em gee.

Hmph. If I had known earlier, I should have just accepted my aunt’s invitation to ‘grab more’ and pocket at least half the original supply.

To Malaysia for three days with the extended family tomorrow. And yes, the glutton is going. But he’s a really lovable glutton, even though he polished off the entire milk candy supply.

So there. (;

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  • 02 Sep 2009
    7:57 AM


    Yum. Those sound delish. :)

  • 03 Sep 2009
    2:22 AM


    wow! that must be great being able to grab a few bags of goodies! i love milk candy as well, but i haven’t had them in awhile. the last time i had them was when i bought some jewelry and it was given as a freebie. i adore milk candy. your post just made me crave some really bad. i think i might stop by chinatown on friday and buy some. :) take care<3

  • 03 Sep 2009
    3:59 AM


    Oh yum, I hate it when I go abroad and buy something, end up liking it (chocolate for example) and knowing that I can’t get any more unless I travel back to that country :P Grass is always greener on the other side.

  • 03 Sep 2009
    10:37 AM


    Wow, the chocolates must be really delicious. I’m not really a fan of sweet stuff especially chocolates but seems like this one is really good. I might just grab a chocolate bar on my way to school later. It’s been a really long time since I had chocolates.

    Brenda’s reply: Chocolates? o.O I was talking about milk candy. Hahaha.

  • 03 Sep 2009
    1:23 PM


    LOL. Call it a good way of avoiding too much refined sugar. ;)

  • 04 Sep 2009
    4:11 AM


    He could have waited until he was back in Canada where it’s easy to get them! Hehe, sweet cravings. I went and bought a few too many sweets a few weeks ago and got used to eating them daily (with morning headaches) then once they were finished I spent the next few days feeling ill.

    The lesson wasn’t learned though, I’ll still take the opportunity if it’s there.

  • 07 Sep 2009
    3:23 AM


    think you had fun on your trip (:
    and the candy somewhat reminds me
    of some Japanese sweets my friend
    brought back (:

  • 07 Sep 2009
    8:36 PM


    Dearest Brenda,

    Please do not go licking traces of his pee & poo for milk candy. I can buy you new milk candy. I promise. <_<'


  • 07 Sep 2009
    8:36 PM


    Your blog eated my comment!

  • 12 Sep 2009
    5:03 PM


    Huh? Isn’t milk candies = chocolates? :x

    Opps! I always thought milk candies are chocolates. Faints. *hides*

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