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03 2008

Girls make better men than … men.

If my friends and I were born male instead of female – I swear we’d make far better men than the existing men around. One phrase to describe today’s men, to sum them all up – chivalry is dead.

M and I reported for our exam invigilation duties and somehow found ourselves holding the glass doors open for one another at a 7-eleven store. (Imagine a glass door with two panels – me holding open one side and M holding the other side, basically staring at each other dumbly, unsure whom should go first.)

It happened again when we had to enter the building via another glass door.

That was when M concluded the whole situation with the title of this post – that girls (ahem, us) make far better men than err yes, men.

Why? Because we hold the doors open for each other (girls will most definitely appreciate that), offer to carry stuff for each other (again, another characteristic appreciated by girls) and the last quality that M swears I possess – that I swear like a bullet train. (Hehehehehe.)

In fact, it wasn’t just M and myself who would make good men.

A few days later …

Stef and I found ourselves stranded at the library after a sudden downpour. We had to part in different directions. but I offered to walk her to the bus stop since I had the good ol’ umbrella ella ella with me … or so I thought. (Okay, still about Brenda the MAN here but continue to read on!)

Realized later that my umbrella was nowhere in my bag (oops) – which means that I can’t walk Stef to the bus stop, which also means that both of us were back to square one – still trapped at the library. So much for being chivalrous. :(

Had to sit around and wait for the rain to stop in the end.

Later, Stef offered to walk me to my destination – which was a considerable distance away. I agreed after a slight tussle. (Because it means troubling her, but she insisted she was fine with it.) So, she walked me to my destination. (See? Chivalrous Stef!)

And in return, I walked her to the nearest bus stop at my destination.

Basically, we were walking each other to and fro. (Which I thought was rather hilarious.)

Will be away for the next two and a half days or so. Will be at Pulau Sibu, Malaysia with several crazy people from early morning tomorrow, trekking (yay!), soaking up the sun (yay!), watching them snorkel and participate in water sports (because I can’t swim) and capturing photographs like mad (sunrise/sunsets there are supposed to be spectacular).

So … until then! (:

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  • 04 Jun 2008
    12:01 AM


    Awesome, you ladies are awesome. You know, I think that I have kindergarden to thank for being so chivalrous myself. My teacher used to appoint a Door Bear and I LOVED being the Door Bear and holding the door for everyone. It was such a big deal back then. Being Door Bear was like the biggest honor of our lives. Well, other than getting a gold star.

    Anyway, I hope you have a really enjoyable trip filled with lots of gorgeous sunrises and sunsets!

  • 04 Jun 2008
    1:08 AM

    tingxi jem

    hey… very strange, what ever happened to using Greymatter? everyone’s using wordpress


    Brenda’s Reply: Eek, Greymatter. Buggy excuse of a software that utilizes too much CGI resources and brought my server to pieces three times or so back in those dark days of 2002/3.

    WordPress is the new black. Easy to use and customize, secure, lightweight and well … I can go on and on about the positive aspects of WordPress.

  • 05 Jun 2008
    1:31 AM


    I have always lived under the belief that no matter what gender you are, you have the obligation to be chivalrous. I open doors for both girls and guys, and it means nothing other than being kind and making sure that the door doesn’t slam in their face. I used to attend this business school, and I once opened a door for a guy, and all the girls in that group gave me grief, saying it wasn’t “ladylike”. Say wut?! It’s not ladylike to be polite to a person? Then again, these girls had both a uber-conservative upbringing and presumably have never seen a male before they turned 18, so.. yeah. =P Luckily, when I moved to Singapore, I was exposed to a more enlightened bunch, haha! =P

    Personally, I think the fact that you help out your friends in these little ways makes you a good friend, not just a chivalrous person. Also, when it comes to snagging a boyfriend, it may give them a hint in how you want to be treated as well, a la The Golden Rule. So kudos to you!

  • 07 Jun 2008
    5:19 AM


    I too hold open doors for girls and guys alike, it’s just basic respect and courtesy. Someday when you are carrying and armful of things having someone hold the door open for you can be real nice!

    Anyways, not all men are unchivalrous, I have met a few who do all those things and I am dating one atm :)

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