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05 2008

Hilarious conversations.

Reliving some memories with my cousins during our annual family trips several years back. (Yes folks, I keep my own travel journal.)

In the lingerie department of a departmental store at Genting Highlands:

“Don’t forget to buy your B-String underwear!”
“Whatever for?”
“You can floss your teeth with it!”

Standing in line at a roller coaster ride when we were suddenly hit by a peculiar, familiar smell:

“David, you bang pui (farted) again, is it?”
“Uh? No?” (Coupled with a look that was a little too innocent.)
“But it smells like your fart’s smell!”
“Yah! So strong! I can even smell the fragrance from here!”

I miss those days. I doubt I can find them anymore. :(

All of us have grown up. Well, most of us. One is in National Service, another has entered Polytechnic (so we now have clashing vacation periods) and the last one has his head buried in books due to his impending major examinations.

What used to be a twice-thrice yearly affair has now dwindled to nearly naught. The last time we’ve all travelled together had been two years ago.

And to those who were constantly wondering where I’ve gotten my toilet humour tendencies from, I guess this entry says it all!

More hysterics hidden inside.

Within a crowded lift:

“David, you just have to fart inside this lift and then everyone would just disappear!”

My younger cousin, upon having spotted an intimate couple behind us on the escalator.

“Oh my gosh… there is a couple behind us!”
“Oh my! They just KISSED!”
“No really! They just kissed each other! I SAW THEM!!”
“Okay… Okay….”

On another weird, peculiar smell.

“Ewww, that’s that horrible smell?”
“It smells like shit!”
“It smells like fertilizer.”
“No, it smells like someone just farted.”

My cousins in Starbucks, after a long walk in the cool mountain air of Genting Highlands in the late evening.

“I’m in the mood for a nice coooold drink! What do you guys want?”
“Hot chocolate.”
“Hot chocolate.”
“Hot chocolate.”

My crazy cousin, during a trapeze performance in Genting Highlands – watching as a little girl no more than the age of seven was about to jump off the platform.

“NOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t do it! Your mummy’s going to scold!”
(And may I add that he was almost literally yelling during the show?)

My youngest cousin, in the van on the way back to Singapore.

“Are we reaching soon?”
“Not yet.”
“Anyone got a water bottle?”
“What will he do with it? Urinate inside?”
“What if someone thinks the liquid is tea and then drinks it?”
“Wow, how come this tea tastes so sweet?” (Says my cousin, taking a gulp from an imaginary bottle)
“How do you know urine tastes sweet?”
“You’ve tasted it before?”

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  • 05 May 2008
    5:56 AM


    lol brenda thanks for maing me laugh,

    reminds me of fun times hanging out with my cousins. though i have to say that the humour with them isn’t so..toilet related :)

  • 05 May 2008
    4:36 PM


    The hot chocolate bit was so cute! =D

  • 06 May 2008
    6:21 AM


    lol. The hot chocolate and crowded lift one was the best :D (Though it took me a while to register cold drink- hot chocolate!)

  • 06 May 2008
    7:19 AM


    LOL! lmao … I am torn between being amused and disturbed by those conversations! XD

  • 06 May 2008
    10:11 PM


    Sweet urine = diabetes. LOL

  • 07 May 2008
    6:33 PM

    Chien Yee

    Lol, the entry made me laugh non-stop.
    LOL Sweet urine is diabetes!

  • 08 May 2008
    4:35 PM


    Hey brenda..I love these “small & dirty” talk..hahah! Find more!!!

  • 09 May 2008
    12:06 AM


    O_o I find the last one particularly disturbing… =p Hilarious, but disturbing. ^^

    See, I was wondering if “naught” is spelled with an a or o. You think they give different meanings? “nought” being specifically for “zero”? Or is it an American vs. British spelling thing?

    Brenda’s Reply: Err, I’m stumped. I’m presuming it’s ‘naught’? :P

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