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02 2011

It does not pay to be neat but forgetful

Two weeks ago, I bought about a foot worth of white cloth as I had a pair of jeans I wanted to patch.

However, I was way too busy at that time and left that folded piece of white cloth somewhere on my desk. Directly within sight, so that I’d remember to fix my jeans.

A few days later, my neat freak streak got the better of me and I decided to declutter my desk. I ended up placing the white cloth somewhere else in my room.

Now, I want to fix my jeans and have no freaking clue where the cloth is, despite racking my brains for almost three days.

FML. Welcome to my world.

08 2011

The fruit monster

So, I’ve resorted to having a slice of papaya without fail every day after lunch …

No, that iz not a karot.
No, that iz not a karot.

… in a desperate bid to shit more regularly. Nah, I kid. (And neither did you need to know all that.)

And on a completely unrelated note, I love my new Threadless tee. Dreaming of carrots and world domination. Mmm.

01 2010

11:03 AM



I’m blue, dub-a-dee dub-a-dum

[Written at 11.03 A.M. (01st June) Singapore time, 8.03 P.M. (31st May) Vancouver time.]

Because I believe one should attempt to do outrageous things when one is on holiday.

I’m not the type that bungee-jumps off buildings (my health can’t take it anyway), but I’m a tomboy who generally shuns anything remotely girly. So when I saw this particular bottle of bright blue nail polish at Sephora, the first question that came to mind was – should I?

I’ve never painted my nails before – apart from a couple of times in lower secondary when I was going through the usual teenager-y phase – so this was pretty foreign. But heck it. I got the bottle anyway, did a bit of painting (with loads of help from my mum) and … behold!

Blue nails!
Blue nails!

Looks fairly decent, methinks. Although some might argue that my hands now look as though I have hypothermia.

On a completely different note, I got myself an awesome water tumbler from Old Navy. It can contain hot water (to keep myself warm). Only three buckeroos, if I remember correctly.

Caution: Extreme Awesomeness
Caution: Extreme Awesomeness!

I’d be flying off to Toronto tomorrow afternoon. Ottawa and Niagara falls, here I come!

Until then!

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