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13 2016

10:56 AM

Site stuff

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Sorry, Hostgator!

I forgot to pay my hosting bill.

I had this sudden urge today to take a peek at my blog. No idea where the urge came from. I was just lying in bed and reading a book and suddenly, I just reached for my phone and navigated here. (How random, I know.)

And realized it was kaput.


And I totally flipped.

The error page stated “suspended account”. And being the technical person I am, thoughts such as “DID SOMEONE BREAK INTO MY ACCOUNT TO SEND SPAM?!” were racing through my mind.

Only when I logged into my billing account and saw warnings everywhere along the lines of “O$P$” (“owe money, pay money”, for the uninitiated) did I realize my boo-boo.

Funnily though, I did login to my billing account to update my credit card details when I received the payment notification.

Only that I entered the details wrong.

Then forgot all about it, thinking it’d auto-renew as it should.

Which it didn’t.

I am getting absent-minded. Sorry guys. If anyone’s still reading and thought that I had decided to just let this blog die, I’m still alive and so is my site. I’ve been doing this since 2001 and no matter how unmotivated I am to write these days, I will never ever (like, EVER) let this site die.

It was part of my teenhood, and then my young adulthood. Those years of me glued to my computer designing layout after layout back in the 2000s (which I don’t do anymore). Posts may have dwindled but this place still holds memories.

So, phew. Welcome back, my dear site.

And thank you, Hostgator for not deleting my stuff even though I owed you money. You just saved me from a re-uploading nightmare.

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04 2011

Brendalogy.me and brendalogy.org

I just bought brendalogy.me and brendalogy.org. Both domains redirect back here to brendalogy.net. (And for those who know my email address, the corresponding versions for brendalogy.me and brendalogy.org works too.)

Strange, but I had a dream two nights ago that someone else out there was squatting on brendalogy.com. Decided to do a domain search an hour ago to confirm this … and sure enough.

My dreams are scary, I tell you. They always come true.

And for obvious reasons, brendalogy.com and (myemailaddress)@brendalogy.com is not going to work.

Site-wise, it’s been a long while since I’ve done any illustrating and designing for this place. Soon, soon. I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty with some graphic work already. (;

28 2010

Oh, hello!

Hello guys, after a prolonged hiatus from blogging and the web scene in general, I’m back … along with a move to my Brendalogy.net domain!

I felt I’ve somewhat outgrown Little-wonder.net. After all, I registered that domain when I was a wee fourteen year old kiddo. I’ve spent a good nine years there, but it’s time to move on to something new.

Brendalogy.net is not exactly new. As of 2010, it would be four years old.

All my blog entries posted before 2010 have been archived offline, away from public view. I’ve decided that some of them entries, especially those written between 2001-2005 out of teenage angst should never see the light of day again.

Feel free to poke around the domain. The photography site is partially up, as I am still in the process of migrating existing photos over, on top of rediting them all over again. Tedious stuff, but I’m happy doing it and that’s what matters.

Everything’s practically been hand-drawn from scratch. I’ve spent two days on the illustrations and layout designs alone and needless to say, I am exceptionally pleased with the overall result.

Last but not least, please update your links, people! People who have subscribed to my feed needn’t do anything, because I’ve already done the necessary redirection for you.

What are you waiting for? Say hello! (;

NOTE: Internet Explorer Bugs
If anyone can help me with these, I’ll love you forever.

(1) Social media icons not showing properly on post pages in IE. Plugin is ‘SexyBookmarks’. Activating it also led to Javascript and CSS errors on both IE and Firefox. I’ve abandoned the plugin for now.
(2) RESOLVED! – Contact form (here) showing strangely in IE.
(3) NEW!:focus and :hover classes added to inputs and textareas don’t show in IE.

Here I am debugging at 4 in the morning and I am coming this close to wanting to murder Bill Gates for inventing this crap of a browser. Hurhur.

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