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08 2011

The fruit monster

So, I’ve resorted to having a slice of papaya without fail every day after lunch …

No, that iz not a karot.
No, that iz not a karot.

… in a desperate bid to shit more regularly. Nah, I kid. (And neither did you need to know all that.)

And on a completely unrelated note, I love my new Threadless tee. Dreaming of carrots and world domination. Mmm.

29 2010

Pointless rambles

So, I was supposed to have a meeting at 3ish today and the other person forgot. (Tsk. Heh heh.)

But all’s good anyway, because I have a mountain-load of stuff to do on my list and some free time will always be nice.

I got drenched making my way here, but it’s all right. I’m surrounded by people. Some noise in the room is always welcome, unless it borders on the point of being a major distraction – think wailing kids. Yes, that kind of extent.

And there’s free air-conditioning, electricity and wireless access for me to use!

Oh, did I mention that I got wet in the rain?

My shoes feels all slooshy, and my jeans were sticking to my legs like crazy. Plus, my umbrella was so abso-teeny it wasn’t enough to cover me and humongous haversack.

And well, I was also tilting the umbrella such that it covered my haversack more than me (because my precious ol’ laptop was in that haversack) – not that it helped, though, because the haversack was still soaking wet anyway – so yeah, you can add that on to the list of silly stuff I’ve been doing in recent days.

I am craving chips. Sour-cream and cheese Ruffles’, to be precise.

And I should be doing my work now.

Maybe I’ll get my chips later. Hmm.

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