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28 2012

So, what does your daughter do?

Mum told me the other day she often had trouble answering the above question – which seems to be thrown left, right, up, down, center whenever she meets anyone.

It was then I realized that the industry I’m in is probably unfathomable to anyone in that generation. The startup scene, with its unstable income and unpredictability is still pretty much frowned upon by the baby-boomers (and any generation beyond that), at least in Singapore where people are generally risk-averse

And of course, mum will probably have to dodge the “why doesn’t your daughter just get a proper job?” question when she does tell them what I really do (which she doesn’t know how to answer anyway.)

So, I gave her a model answer to refer to.

“So, what does your daughter do?”

“My daughter spends her life doing something she’s really passionate about. Something that gives her space to be creative. Something that makes her look forward to going to work every single day.”

“So, what is that exactly?”

“You wouldn’t understand anyway. Since you most probably hate your job.”

Hurhur. I’m such a troll, aren’t I?

25 2011

I’m turning into a gorilla

Picture the scene. Mum and I are seated in my immunologist’s clinic while the former constantly badgers the (slightly overwhelmed-looking) doctor regarding the side effects I have from the immunosuppressants I take regularly.

“Oh yeah, and one more thing,” mum continues.

The immunologist looks at her.

“Why is Brenda getting hairier? Look at her arms! The hair is getting longer! Is this caused by the medicine too?”

The immunologist looks at me. I simply shrugged and give him my usual ‘mum’s worrying too much again‘ look like I always do when she goes about her usual habit of bombarding him with endless questions every visit.

“Well, yeah. It is caused by the medicine,” the immunologist says. “But, is it any cause of concern to you, Brenda?”

“Well, no!” says I.

“I like being hairy. It keeps me nice, warm and fluffy.”

The expression on my immunologist’s face at that moment was epic. From that moment, I think he’s quite convinced that he’s dealing with a loon instead of a patient with autoimmune problems.

And no, I wasn’t being sarcastic. That’s actually 50% truth. I quite like being hairy … definitely not for the ‘nice and fluffy’ part, but well … it does keep me warmer than usual.

08 2011

Have you ever wished you were someone else?

I was walking with one of my dearest friends while she was in the midst of deep thought, when she suddenly whirled around and posed the following question to me.

“Have you ever wished you were someone else?”

I’ve always known the answer to that one, although no one has ever directed that question at me before. It was just one of those questions which I’ve previously pondered about.

“I wish to be no one else except myself,” said I.

“Although, if I could change anything about myself – it’d definitely be my health,” I continued. “I wish I wasn’t a sick kid.”

A few seconds passed.

“No, wait. Scratch that. If I weren’t sick, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to find out who my true friends are.

With every bad thing that happens, there will always be both positive and negative sides. We just have to unblind ourselves from all the negatives to find the positive.

As the day grows bright, we are turning pages
And we write new chapters of our life
Some are strong and long
Others weak with sorrows
Keep the focus on the rising sun

(Ace of Base – Beautiful Morning)

This song is for you. You know who you are. (:

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