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18 2010

All the colours of the rainbow

So I got myself a box of wooden colour pencils from Daiso – not because I needed them, but purely because they looked so pretty.

Purdy colour pencils
Wooden colour pencils.

I usually consider myself a practical person. But it is on rare occasions like this one where I end up buying stuff that I don’t really need just so that I can admire them. And yeah, they are really awesome to photograph too. It helps that everything at Daiso is only 2 buckeroos apiece.

I bought got a plain silver metal tin (from the same place) so that I can store the colour pencils. The pencils actually came in a nondescript brown box, but I thought they would look much nicer in the tin. Uh, oops. There I go again.

Colour pencils sitting in their tin

I really should stop stepping into Daiso. I usually end up walking out with stuff I don’t need.

Many apologies for the recent silence! I’ve recently started full-time work and it’s been nothing short of hectic. But I’m loving it much and as a result, unwittingly transformed myself back to the workaholic I am pretty much well-known for being, just because I like what I’m doing. (;

I promise myself to write more, because we still need to escape once in a while, don’t we?

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