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Hello, I blog!

I write with no particular theme in mind, because I am random like that.

25 2012

Oops, I’ve gone quiet again

The lack of posts over the past 4 months is almost guaranteed to make my blog readership fall to zero. Strangely, I take quite a fair bit of pleasure in that. With Facebook and Twitter (along with all the associated voyeurism) dominating our lives now, it’s a huge breath of fresh air to be able to write somewhere away from all the noise.

I get introspective too often, and there have been so many positive memories and moments that have gone uncaptured for too long. So hello again, my dear blog. I’ll make an effort to write in you again.

And if anyone is still reading, Merry Christmas!

11 2010

Support – I has it.

I chanced upon this on my Facebook profile last night and immediately felt a warm, fuzzy sensation.

I feel loved. (:

It’s really an awesome feeling to receive such support from the people I work with on a regular basis. Thanks guys, I am deriving quite a fair amount of strength from this!

Meanwhile, am nomming on as much food as I can – I can have no more food or drink from midnight onwards. I need to store enough to get me through tomorrow … like a hamster.

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