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Holiday bucket list (Around Singapore)

Just three more days before my Final Exams end, and just slightly less than two weeks more before I am officially released from the iron grip of Eff Why Pee. (A more affectionate name for FYP. Hahaha. I’ll definitely miss it when it’s over.)

Here I am, already planning what I want to do when my month-long, much-deserved December break finally rolls around.

Where I want to go:

1) Chek Jawa Nature Walk at Pulau Ubin.
2) Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
3) The Southern Ridges & Mount Faber
4) Marina Barrage
5) Kusu Island
6) St John’s Island
7) Hindhede Nature Park @ Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
8) Bottletree Park @ Yishun
9) Little Guilin

Anyone wants to go with me? :/

30 2008

When the plane starts to rattle …

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the toilet.

Lavatory + Turbulence = YIKES!
(Click to enlarge)

Yes, that girl in the comic strip is supposed to be me. ;)

Don’t you just hate it when this happens? You’re on a particularly smooth flight and you decide to go to the toilet. Then Mister Turbulence suddenly emerges out of nowhere to rattle the plane while you struggle to balance in a little cubicle.

You decide to pee as fast as you can and dash back to your seat.

No sooner after your bottom comes in contact with your seat, the turbulence suddenly … stops.

(And I think I should draw more comic strips like these.)

19 2008

Help is here, for ye’ all who have bladder problems!

I don’t usually care when emails arrive in my school inbox since most of them turn out to be intra-school spam anyway (e.g. co-curricular groups promoting their events, day-to-day preaching by the higher school management and yadda yadda.)

This particular email was a from a group which called SMU Peerhelpers.

Somehow, I decided to pay attention to this one because … I don’t really know, actually.

Maybe because there was just something so blatantly wrong about their subject line? Something just looked strange, but I couldn’t place my finger immediately on exactly what. It only struck me after a few seconds.

Take a look for yourself.


All of a sudden, SMU Peerhelpers has transformed into SMU Peehelpers.


Have you seen a doctor for your bladder problems today? Bladder stones blocking the path of your usual steady stream of pee? Having problems preventing yourself from pee-ing all over the sidewalk? Maybe the pee helpers can help.


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