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21 2009

Solar eclipse preparations

Standby and counting … less than 10 hours to the eclipse.

For the benefit of my fellow sky-watchers who have scooted all the way to Shanghai for this once-in-a-lifetime phenomena (a total solar eclipse that lasts almost 6 minutes during totality is definitely a big deal!), here are some timings to take note of:

First contact: 08:23 (Start of eclipse)
Second contact: 09:36 (Beginning of totality)
Third contact: 09:42 (End of totality)
Fourth contact: 11:01 (End of eclipse)

All timings stated are Shanghai local time (GMT +8).

I’ve finally gotten the chance to test out the makeshift solar filter (made from filter film) on my DSLR yesterday evening when the sun peeked out from the (rather overcast) sky.

Pointed the camera directly at the sun and obtained the following result. (Warning: Do not try this at home unless you have a solar filter or filter film safely protecting your lens! You do not want to risk damaging your camera and your eyes.)

The sun!
The sun through my filter and lens.

Awesome possums!

I am presently in the midst of packing a duffel bag for tomorrow’s road trip. Will be heading further south from the city to catch the eclipse as meteorologists had forecasted bad weather in Shanghai tomorrow morning. I believe more than half of the eclipse-watchers here will be doing the same thing and thus we’d be setting off early … at 5.30 A.M.

The sky is still pretty overcast right now and it rained quite a few times today. It’s quite depressing really, although I am keeping my fingers crossed for clear weather during the eclipse.

Meanwhile, packing awaits!

Excitement is mounting. Oh, woweeeeeeeee!

11 2009

I’m officially a graduate!

Oh hai! Gone are the days where I could indicate ‘student’ as my occupation. I am now among the ranks of ‘unemployed’. For now, at least.

Yes, I’ve graduated today. Although I don’t quite see why people deem it to be such a big deal – hence, my expression.

Cross-eyed loony.

To me, Commencement 2009 is nothing more than listening to long boring speeches, ducking continuous attempts by the higher beings to brainwash you, and finally – walking onstage and plastering a fake smile.

The only good side of it was seeing all my coursemates together again. (But it’s the last time. :()

15 2009

Australia Part II: Lacking in subtlety, aren’t we?

The most enjoyable part of the trip is … having room mates.

Contrary to the usual quietness of my own room at home, sharing a room with D and G meant that the room was filled with a myriad of various noises comprising loud music, the occasional exclamation and squealing and of course – lots of conversation. (Which I really missed ever since I got home.)

Unfortunately, there is one minor downside of having both genders living in the same room.

If you guys have been following my Twitter updates while I was away in Australia, you may have remembered one particular post:

The only guy’s complaining about us girls hanging washed undies around the room. We girls call it ‘The United Nations’. (7:13 PM May 22nd from txt.)

Well, if you hadn’t guessed correctly, it is …

… hanging washed underwear out to dry.

The following comic strip (hastily drawn in the dead of the night at 2.00 A.M. – albeit one of my best works yet) sums up all our troubles.

The United Nations!
(Click for the enlarged version.)

Basically, we were highly restricted in where we could hang our … err … dirty laundry, despite the vastness of the house. However, overlooking all the trouble we had to go through just to dry our … err … undergarments, the whole situation was actually pretty hilarious.

P/S: Pardon the sudden influx of toilet humour in my recent entries! Heh.

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