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17 2014

How it feels to be partially deaf for a week

Oh boy, if only we are able to eradicate wax from our ears with the same mechanism as how we rid ourselves of our bodily wastes.

For the past week, I’ve been (and I still am) partially deaf, thanks to a completely blocked right ear. And what I can say after this entire experience is – never take the ability to hear for granted.

Speaking at a volume which most people consider as “normal” is a challenge. Because of the blocked ear, my voice reverberates inside my head as I speak, so I sound much louder (to myself) than I really am. So I end up speaking at a volume much softer than usual. Which also means I have to repeat myself more.

Trying to talk at my regular volume gives me a headache. (Thanks to my voice reverberating in my head.)

I can’t quite hear as well too – which also means my friends have to repeat themselves more.

And sometimes I just don’t feel like asking people to repeat themselves (and I don’t even want to explain how I can’t hear properly in one ear – because it invites a deluge of questions which I don’t want to answer) so I just nod my head and pretend I understood them.

Unless of course, they asked a question (which I didn’t hear).

Then, cue the awkward silence.

10 2014

Curiosity is not a sin

Dear parent sitting in front of me in The Endocrine Clinic last Saturday.

Your child was just being curious and exploring the waiting room. He was not disrupting anybody. He was just touching things, opening (empty) drawers, smiling at random people and satisfying his natural curiosity.

Even the clinic assistants were so smitten by him. He had run into the reception areas several times but still, he wasn’t getting into anyone’s way. He even had free sweets from the clinic assistants, who told him to “give some to your mummy and daddy, okay?”

So why oh why did you grab him so bloody hard that he started crying out loud?

“Why I ask you to come back you never come back? (sic)”
“I told you not to touch anything, so why you still touch? (sic)”
“I told you to sit down, why you still walk around? (sic)”

Please let the kid be. Kids are naturally curious. It’s not wrong to be curious.

31 2014

The quietest Chinese New Year ever

Wishing one an all a Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse. Take this year to horse around as much as you can, and be nice to all your neigh-bours.

Note: “Fat” is a dialect for “fa” in Mandarin, which means “prosper”.

This Chinese New Year has been quiet. Apart from visiting dad’s side of the family in the morning, mom’s side decided to keep it quiet this year because we lost grandma last year. It all feels a bit strange.

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