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31 2012

11:32 PM

Site stuff

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Finally, another fresh look.

I wish I’ve done this earlier – removing the clutter from the previous interface and just leaving it clean and simple so that I’ll be inspired to actually write.

At last, I did.

Finally, my torrent of updates from my San Francisco trip earlier this month can begin. I’ll be posting random pictures, quips and adventures from my two and a half week trip over the next couple of weeks in no particular order. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, happy hunting for the little ‘easter eggs’ (random doodles with my mouse) I’ve scattered around the site. Here’s your first hint – the navigation.

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30 2012

It’s time to start again

This weekend, I will embark on my mission to start writing again.

There was a sudden realization that this blog is an extension of myself. It’s where I store my memories, share my quirky moments or just be plain ol’ rambly (and occasionally crappy) me. Reading my past blog entries, I suddenly see a huge gaping hole where 2011-2012 was supposed to be.

What happened?!

I was well and alive, for sure. With loads of exciting moments happening in my life. At least I knew 2011 in general was exciting, but when I try to narrow down the specific moments which played a part in making 2011 awesome, I draw a blank. Well, I know the general stuff, like milestones. But … the little moments were gone. Kaput from my memory totally.

Normally, I write these things down, so I can remember them later. But, I’ve stopped.

Shite. Maybe I should start again.

And take a whole new approach to writing as well – little snippets of text, more photos and perhaps, start doodling because it’s what I’ve always liked to do but never got around to it.

For starters, I’ll revamp the this blog design for simplicity and remove all distractions … like that horribly unflattering upside-down illustration of me. (Why oh why did I torture my virtual self for a year by forcing excessive blood flow to my brain?!)

3 more days to the new Brendalogy blog. I’m excited already.

06 2011

Brendalogy, rebranded

Hullo. No, your eyes aren’t tricking you. This place has been refurbished. At long last.

The previous layout, aesthetically-pleasing as it was, no longer fitted me. The coding was all over the place and the CSS, long and draggy. Plus, it was severely lacking from a usability point of view.

Since the last redesign, my style has done a 360-degree turn to clean and minimalist … albeit still with a slight touch of the funkiness inherent in my personality. My knowledge of CSS and web usability has also matured greatly in the past one year plus thanks to my experience doing front-end development in two start-ups. It’s about time I applied all that to my own site.

I’m really pleased with the result. It’s been tested in Firefox, Chrome and IE 9. IE 8 users – my apologies – you’re gonna be seeing ugly rectangles all over the place because is the border-radius CSS attribute is not supported. (And why are you even using IE anyway?!)

That said, I’d like to introduce my own logo. You’ve probably already seen it from the main site or from the favicon. I’ve always wanted a symbol which I would be recognized with, but haven’t had the time to sit down and craft one. I finally did, yesterday afternoon.

I wanted something clean and simple. Preferably in black and white so it’d be much easier to work with and easily integrable in any design. Right from the beginning, I knew I wanted a circular logo. So at least I had a baseline to start with (instead of wasting time playing with shapes).

The choice of font was the tricky part. My original choice was Georgia. It’s easily one of my favourite fonts. Simple and stylish. And extremely readable.

The first version of my logo was entirely in Georgia.

‘BT’ Brendalogy logo, version 1.

It remained up for a grand total of fifteen minutes. The more I stared at it, the more I found it boring. And dull. It’s a far cry from reflecting who I really was. Additionally, someone pointed out on Twitter that it slightly resembled WordPress’s logo, echoing my own initial impressions.

So it was back to the drawing board, playing with fonts. I needed something funky.

I played with cursive/script fonts for over five minutes and decided that such fonts for initials was far from ideal. This is due to the lack of context. With a proper, full word – one can still roughly decipher uncertain letters based on the combination of other letters surrounding it. People read words as a whole anyway, and not letter-by-letter.

With just two letters for my initials however, it’s an entirely different story. I ended up with a mess of squiggles.

I eventually settled on Cooper. (And during the process of experimenting with more readable fonts, I realized I seem to have a strange affinity with fat fonts.)

And voila. Here’s the final logo.

‘BT’ Brendalogy logo, final version.

As always, with any new layout, there might still be bugs floating around. Do holler if you see anything strange or out of the ordinary because chances are, it wasn’t supposed to be there. Thanks!

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