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01 2017


Mum, listening to a romantic oldies song on the radio.

Girl you are to me
All that a woman should be

First thing that came to my mind?

“What a fucking feminist.”

29 2017


Yesterday, one of my besties abruptly announced her plans to start a family. I was surprised, as she has always been anti-children like I was.

Turns out, it was because her husband wanted them.

I was pretty shaken for the rest of the day. And honestly, worried for her.

Isn’t the topic of children something people discuss before marriage? Or is it just me thinking too far ahead? Considering that it’s such a crucial topic that can make or break a relationship.

I personally prefer full disclosure right from the start; I brought this up as early as at 3 months (my anti-children sentiment is so strong I’d get sterilized right now if given the opportunity). As for my poor health, I talked about it from day 0.

I didn’t want to put my autoimmune disease into the picture because I started hating kids as early as when I was 12.

Although I must say, my health pretty much cemented the decision.

I was robbed of the bulk of my twenties by numerous health battles, leaving so many unfulfiled dreams and desires; Places to go, things I want to do or achieve. Presently, I already have very limited energy so everything has to move at a slow pace. And the fear of my health further deteriorating during the next 10-15 years is very real.

I’m just really really grateful for a partner who shares the same hopes and dreams as me, and accepts me the way I am.

People say I don’t need to justify such decisions to anyone except my partner, but fact remains that we live in a world where people don’t know how to mind their own business and mindlessly pile on the pressure.

But yeah, I’m just really worried now because one of my biggest fears – misalignment leading to having to make crucial life-changing “choices”, possibly against your own will – is happening to my best friend.

The only thing I could do was to mask my worries under a feeble “can you travel with me before you pop, please?”

13 2016

10:56 AM

Site stuff

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Sorry, Hostgator!

I forgot to pay my hosting bill.

I had this sudden urge today to take a peek at my blog. No idea where the urge came from. I was just lying in bed and reading a book and suddenly, I just reached for my phone and navigated here. (How random, I know.)

And realized it was kaput.


And I totally flipped.

The error page stated “suspended account”. And being the technical person I am, thoughts such as “DID SOMEONE BREAK INTO MY ACCOUNT TO SEND SPAM?!” were racing through my mind.

Only when I logged into my billing account and saw warnings everywhere along the lines of “O$P$” (“owe money, pay money”, for the uninitiated) did I realize my boo-boo.

Funnily though, I did login to my billing account to update my credit card details when I received the payment notification.

Only that I entered the details wrong.

Then forgot all about it, thinking it’d auto-renew as it should.

Which it didn’t.

I am getting absent-minded. Sorry guys. If anyone’s still reading and thought that I had decided to just let this blog die, I’m still alive and so is my site. I’ve been doing this since 2001 and no matter how unmotivated I am to write these days, I will never ever (like, EVER) let this site die.

It was part of my teenhood, and then my young adulthood. Those years of me glued to my computer designing layout after layout back in the 2000s (which I don’t do anymore). Posts may have dwindled but this place still holds memories.

So, phew. Welcome back, my dear site.

And thank you, Hostgator for not deleting my stuff even though I owed you money. You just saved me from a re-uploading nightmare.

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