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29 2008

11:43 PM



Here’s a llama, there’s a llama. And another little llama.

I’ve crazy FYP teammates who I swear, can see an innuendo in almost anything.

While playing with shadows in the group study room at sundown – lights in the room were switched off, and our only light source was the spotlights coming from outside the window which casted bright lights on the ceiling.

J made a shadow of a bird. (Eagle, rather.) I on the other hand, was fooling around with shadows of dinosaurs, dragons or whatsoever.

“Careful! My dinosaur is going to eat your bird!” says I.

Ummmm,” J and M shoot me questioning looks.

“Oh my gosh – wait! I didn’t mean it that way!”


Oh, and I’ve a strange fascination with queer and meaningless songs as of late.

Wait – did I just say ‘as of late’? Make that the past half a year! I blame it all on Mister Irvin, who corroded my brain with The Dugong Song sometime in November last year. Till now, that tune is still stuck in my head and I find myself singing it unknowingly, drawing strange glances in my direction.

Then, a couple of days back, J had to introduce The Llama Song. Then, I happened to go onto Youtube and stumbled upon the The Obama Song. Talk about a double whammy.

I hereby present my two abso-favourites – The Llama Song and The Dugong Song. (Caveat emptor – Highly addictive!)

Here’s a llama, there’s a llama. And another little llama.
Fuzzy llama, funny llama. Llama llama, duck.


Meanwhile – juggling the workload of FYP and preparations for my upcoming two trips. Six days to the Pulau Sibu trip, and eleven days to the Genting Trip. Wheeness!

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