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17 2010

Ice-cream monster

[Written at 2.20 P.M. (17th May) Singapore time, 11:20 P.M. (16th May) Vancouver time.]

With repeated nagging from mum to abstain from ice-cream prior to the trip (because she’s oh-so paranoid that I’d fall sick), I did my best to. It was a really trying experience, though – because I really love ice-cream and temptation was everywhere.

But now that I am finally in Vancouver, and presented with Sara’s old-fashioned ice cream, I jumped in with a scoop each of cotton candy and cookie dough.

Ice Cream Monster
Oom, nom, nom, nom.

It was yummy, by the way. Tasty, yet not too sweet.

Extremely friendly ice-cream for my slightly diabetic grandmother too. (;

Vancouver’s really nice so far. We’re surrounded by snow-capped mountains visible in the distance from almost all directions. Weather’s pretty awesome too – a good respite from the recent sauna-like weather we’ve been having in Singapore.

I found myself automatically waking up at 5 this morning as the sun was streaming in through the windows (the sun rises really early here in the summer) and couldn’t get back to sleep. Gotta’ start getting used to this, man – I’m going to have to deal with light in my face for the next month or so. (I am too used to sleeping in dark environments.)

We’re driving down to Seattle tomorrow for some good, solid factory-outlet shopping. Whoopie.

01 2008

11:54 PM



The Crumpler is the best bag ever!

And honestly, it definitely is.

I’ve been a loyal user of Crumpler bags since mid-2005, and am still going strong. I own three of them now, and I use them iteratively. (As in, when I feel like Barney, I’d use the purple one. When I feel plain, I’d use the black one. As for the brown one, I use it the most since it’s my favourite out of the three bags.)

Then, my younger cousin David decided to get himself one. And of course, I’m in full support of it – Crumpler rocks, remember?

So, off we went to Crumpler‘s main outlet at Paragon, Orchard.

I stood aside as he tried bag after bag, giving comments and tips here and there as to which bag is better. I personally do not recommend the Western Lawn style as they rely entirely on velcro – which means that you risk having your bag fall open every now and then once the velcro starts wearing out. Instead, go for those that have the black buckle in addition to the velcro … like the Barney Rustle Blanket or the Soupansalad styles.

Crumpler just got themselves a new model!
Trying on bag after bag after bag after bag after … you get the idea.

David finally chose the third design in the photo above – called The Considerable Embarassment for reasons totally beyond me. Not a bad choice – with two snap buckles plus velcro, and more compartments within for storage than I can count on both my hands combined together.

He was pretty excited about getting his Crumpler, and immediately after his mum made payment for it, he was already diving back to the shelves and asking her for another one. Hahahahahaha.

I can name so many reasons why I love Crumpler so much (and may even brainwash everyone out there), and just to name a few;

1) They come in very versatile, plain yet classy designs which means that you can match a Crumpler with almost any other colour.

2) They are extremely hardy. (My first Crumpler had tolerated so much abuse and is still standing strong.)

3) They come with so many compartments which means you will have no problems organizing your stuff. (Especially if you’re a packrat like moi!)

4) They (even the smallest bags) can withstand the weight of my laptop!

5) They are very comfortable. (I’ve carried my Crumpler on several hiking/biking trips and it never gave me much problems – unless you’re carrying a brickload of stuff, of course.)

I can name a lot more but let me just stop here, lest someone thinks that I’m a spokesperson for Crumpler or something and starts to doubt the credibility of my words.

Let me end it all with a last photo – my cousin proudly carrying his new Crumpler (which is in that brown cloth bag he’s holding) and err … me standing beside him. (Wasn’t carrying my Crumpler bag that day, unfortunately.)

David and his new bag!
Don’t let the height fool you. I’m older. Much, much older. :(

Oh, one more reason to love Crumpler – they are environmentally friendly. They sell their bags in reusable cloth bags! (Nay to plastic bags!)

29 2008

11:43 PM



Here’s a llama, there’s a llama. And another little llama.

I’ve crazy FYP teammates who I swear, can see an innuendo in almost anything.

While playing with shadows in the group study room at sundown – lights in the room were switched off, and our only light source was the spotlights coming from outside the window which casted bright lights on the ceiling.

J made a shadow of a bird. (Eagle, rather.) I on the other hand, was fooling around with shadows of dinosaurs, dragons or whatsoever.

“Careful! My dinosaur is going to eat your bird!” says I.

Ummmm,” J and M shoot me questioning looks.

“Oh my gosh – wait! I didn’t mean it that way!”


Oh, and I’ve a strange fascination with queer and meaningless songs as of late.

Wait – did I just say ‘as of late’? Make that the past half a year! I blame it all on Mister Irvin, who corroded my brain with The Dugong Song sometime in November last year. Till now, that tune is still stuck in my head and I find myself singing it unknowingly, drawing strange glances in my direction.

Then, a couple of days back, J had to introduce The Llama Song. Then, I happened to go onto Youtube and stumbled upon the The Obama Song. Talk about a double whammy.

I hereby present my two abso-favourites – The Llama Song and The Dugong Song. (Caveat emptor – Highly addictive!)

Here’s a llama, there’s a llama. And another little llama.
Fuzzy llama, funny llama. Llama llama, duck.


Meanwhile – juggling the workload of FYP and preparations for my upcoming two trips. Six days to the Pulau Sibu trip, and eleven days to the Genting Trip. Wheeness!

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