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05 2011

10:42 PM


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I miss this, very much

What I really miss – driving further South on the motorways (and occasional, off the beaten tracks), going through small towns, watching the rolling hills dotted with flocks of sheep from the car’s window, and seeing the occasional snow-capped mountain range.

Driving down the motorway to Wellington.
Snow mountains spotted while driving down the motorway to Wellington.

I love long and scenic drives, and last week’s New Zealand trip involved intensive driving. Plus one for me, but unfortunate for the drivers. The drives were long, winding and extremely tiring. I have no idea how they did it, but I have much respect for them.

I’m now back in Singapore. The concrete jungle. Where the only “mountain” we have is actually a hill standing at a mere 105 metres tall (Mount Faber), and the tallest point is only a mere 163 metres (Bukit Timah Hill) – and please don’t ask why our ‘mount’ is actually shorter than a ‘hill’. Where we find ourselves having to squeeze past folks all the time and be stuck in traffic jams, all while considering it ‘normal’. It’s suffocating.

I’m longing for fresh air – particularly New Zealand’s air. I really miss the place. The trip just went by too quickly.

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07 2010

Goodbye, Squirtypoo

Squirt passed away last night at roughly 9.31 P.M. at the age of nine months old.

I am not going to go too much into how she died. Basically, she left us as soon as I reached home, allowing me to carry her one last time. She was still breathing lightly when my mum thrust her into my hands, wrapped in a towel. It was as if she was waiting for me to come home before she let herself go. Eventually, the breathing stopped.

R.I.P. Squirtypoo
October 2009 – May 6th 2010.

Squirt fell sick previously in March 2010 with multiple ailments, but made a miraculous recovery eventually thanks to the dedicated force-feeding of food, fluid and medication by virtually almost every member of the household. The vet was amazed, so were friends who heard her survival story – because like what everyone says, guinea pigs go very fast when they are sick.

She remained happily active for one month plus until a heatwave decided to descend on Singapore again. The excessively hot weather led to her developing with a (dangerously) high fever of 41.3 degrees celsius earlier this week. She remained relatively stable but deteriorated sharply yesterday evening out of the blue.

I will really miss my little Squirtypoo and her hilarious little antics.

My life’s full of little theme songs.

If I want to relive any part of my life, all I have to do is to play its song.

I don’t know about everyone else, but almost every aspect of my life is defined by a particular song. Be it an event, a phase of life or a vacation. All I have to do is to play the song, and it brings back the atmosphere and the memories.

How does a song become the ‘theme song’ of a particular phase of my life?

Well, it could be that the song was ubiquitous at that point in time. It could also be a song that was playing over and over in my head throughout the period, or a song that I just happened to hear before the event took place and it somehow stuck. Otherwise, it could be particularly poignant or memorable catch-phrases in the song which fitted the event.

Every vacation I take with my parents, friends or relatives has its own ‘theme song’, which really helps when I crave for another holiday. When I feel particularly reminiscent, I’ll play the song, sit back and daydream … and suddenly, I’ll find myself back at the place again.

Almost every song on my playlist has an event attached to it.

Meanwhile, lemme’ share some of my favourite songs over the years, and the various life events they were attached to.

(Warning, long entry up ahead!)

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