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18 2017

9:10 PM

Life is Life

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2017 Resolution

Read an article about how our seemingly incessant consumption of clothing has led to potential environmental destruction, with unwanted clothes piling up in landfills.

Fast fashion, and clothing made with polyester and other manmade fibers (because it’s cheaper) seem to be the largest culprits. The former because their low costs had led people to buy more and in turn, throw away more. The latter, because it’s not biodegradable.

I looked up at my overflowing wardrobe and thought, oops.

Recently, I made the switch to preferring pure cotton for my clothing items, but only because it’s more comfortable given the heat in Singapore. Looks like I have an additional reason to add to that list.

So this year, I’ve decided to be more discerning about what I buy. It’s easy to get tempted especially with Instagram style pictures and online stores being just a tap away, but this is well worth a try.

The rod in my wardrobe broke from the sheer amount of clothing I owned back in 2015. That’s how bad it was. This will save me loads from what I don’t buy, as well as unnecessary repair costs.

To some extent, I’m already picky about the brands I choose to support (mainly because of their consistently good quality), so I guess I have some advantage there.

Now it’s more of to buy or not to buy?

That’s where it gets helpful for me to list down what do I exactly look out for in a piece of clothing that is expected to be timeless and last me for several years.

So, here’s the checklist I shall refer to from now on.

1. Must have pockets.

2. Must be easy to match.

3. Must be lightweight yet durable.
This is a struggle, because it’s impossible to gauge this when buying online. So I pay attention to the material type, and purchase only certain tried and tested brands online.

4. Must be able to cover the knees.
I wear knee guards because of regular joint pain from my illness. Anything that does not cover them ends up having very little mileage.

5. Must be something I will definitely wear.
If there’s even the slightest doubt about “is this something that I will wear?”, don’t buy it.

Let’s see how this pans out. On top of my consistent clearing of stuff that had very little mileage (read: rarely wear) on Carousell, this is a large step towards less clutter.

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07 2010

Quiet streets and beautiful skies

I live at a really awesome district. Low traffic flow and with quiet streets.

Some streets are filled with normal houses, mostly landed properties with the occasional low-rise condominiums. Whereas the main street is olden-style shophouses galore. Most of these shophouses have been restored, in a bid to preserve the Malay/Perenakan culture prevalent in the area.

Plus, there’s an awesome view of the sky.

Needless to say, I live in a pretty conducive place for the occasional exploration and photography stints. The latter of which I haven’t actually gotten round to doing despite having lived here for almost three years. No thanks to my hectic schedule.

Quiet streets and beautiful skies
The view that greeted me upon reaching the bus stop at 6pm.

I captured the above en route to meet a friend. Amazed at the first sight of a clear blue sky in weeks (we were plagued with hazy skies and thunderstorms for several weeks on end), I whipped out my phone camera and aimed in the general direction of the sun.

Prior to capturing this photo, it was unfortunate that a truck driver happened to be parked within my line of sight. He spotted me with my camera, honked and flashed the finger in my general direction before driving closer (but out of my camera view finder) to glower at me.

I ignored him and proceeded to capture the photo. No form of ugly behaviour is going to spoil the moment. (Besides – considering his reaction, he must have been doing something fishy in that truck for him to be so suspicious of my camera. Hmm. Anyone wants to speculate what?)

The scene at my previous place was much more scenic. I used to live right next to a reservoir lined with rocky banks and green fields. But every place has it’s own beauty, I guess.

18 2010

All the colours of the rainbow

So I got myself a box of wooden colour pencils from Daiso – not because I needed them, but purely because they looked so pretty.

Purdy colour pencils
Wooden colour pencils.

I usually consider myself a practical person. But it is on rare occasions like this one where I end up buying stuff that I don’t really need just so that I can admire them. And yeah, they are really awesome to photograph too. It helps that everything at Daiso is only 2 buckeroos apiece.

I bought got a plain silver metal tin (from the same place) so that I can store the colour pencils. The pencils actually came in a nondescript brown box, but I thought they would look much nicer in the tin. Uh, oops. There I go again.

Colour pencils sitting in their tin

I really should stop stepping into Daiso. I usually end up walking out with stuff I don’t need.

Many apologies for the recent silence! I’ve recently started full-time work and it’s been nothing short of hectic. But I’m loving it much and as a result, unwittingly transformed myself back to the workaholic I am pretty much well-known for being, just because I like what I’m doing. (;

I promise myself to write more, because we still need to escape once in a while, don’t we?

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