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05 2012

Taking the stage with Elea

Adventures in San Francisco, 29th February – 17th March 2012

Imagine knowing a fellow blogger online, but she’s thousands of kilometers away. But yet, there’s still this sense of closeness because we’ve been sending the occasional encouraging messages to each other, on top of reading each other’s blogs since 2005. (That’s 7 whole years.)

So the opportunity to (finally) meet comes along, we seized it! I finally met Elea during the last few days of my trip to San Francisco.

Elea, me and Jess.

It was an awesome night out … in fact, possibly the latest we’ve ever stayed out throughout our entire US jaunt. (We were quite wary of staying out too late because it was just us two girls travelling together.) It began with dinner at South Park Cafe. For the life of me, I can’t seem to remember what I had there, but they had beyond decent food and I’d definitely return if I am in San Francisco again.

Then, Elea lowered the boom. Well, we did plan to have a karaoke night … but the sly one decided that it’d be at an open-stage karaoke joint instead of the usual closed-door, individual-room karaokes we were used to!

My jaw fell all the way down to the centre of the earth.

Weeeelll, part of me felt a bit of trepidation at the prospect of performing in public (unprepared, no less), but the other part felt excitement. Based on my past experiences, I always experienced a strange high when on stage (despite bombing big time nearly 100% of the time thus far). I didn’t mind experiencing that high again, but was (naturally) worried of making a vocal mess of myself.

What I needed was a little push. And Elea provided that push. :P

Later within the karaoke joint, I was further consoled by the fact that hardly anyone else in the vicinity could sing well. I’ve heard mangled versions of “Barbie girl” and “Rolling in the deep” among many others, save for about two girls with decent voices. Considering that, I highly doubt the audience would care to judge any further. I felt emboldened.

So, Elea and I took the stage together.

Taking the stage!
Performing “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga.
(Apologies for the quality, this is a screen grab from a video.)

Followed by a solo round by each of us. The wait for our turns were tremendously long, and we practically had to bribe the deejay to bump our songs to the front of the queue. Despite that, we waited for close to an hour and a half to take the stage.

Definitely a night I’ll never forget, though! Thanks for everything, Elea, and hope we’ll get to meet again! (This time, in Singapore? (;)

22 2012

A gift to my favourite couple

So my favourite couple Grace and Douglas recently got engaged! In Switzerland no less. Woohoo! It got little ol’ me so excited that I just had to get them something. :P

Store-bought gifts are just so tacky, and I always liked DIY-ing gifts. So, why not?

I ended up painting tees for them – playing around with Douglas’ last name which is ‘Fun’. Originally thought of “Mr Fun” and “Mrs Fun” (yes, how original that is) but later decided that it would look odd if they were wearing their tees separately. So, I had think of slogans that would still make sense.

Yay for t-shirts!
Viola, homemade couple t-shirts!

I finally decided on “I Am Fun” and “I (Heart) Fun”.

Tracing the letters (and especially the heart) proved to be a challenge – I had no stencils to fall back on apart from a 4B pencil and a ruler. Painting in the letters without going beyond the lines was an even greater challenge. (It was midnight, and I was pretty sleepy.) But still, they turned out awesome.

All packed and ready to go!
All packed and ready to go!


If you’d like a detailed post on how I paint my t-shirts, you may want to check this out.

Sidenote, the plain tees were from Giordano. Pretty awesome material too – soft and comfy – with a wide range of colours. I might even want to get some to DIY more tees for myself. We’ll see.

08 2012

Homecooked garlic butter prawn pancakes

After trying the garlic butter prawn pancakes at Strictly Pancakes and not quite fancying the thickness of the pancakes, I decided to create my own version at home.

It’s been a long while since I’ve cooked anything, so I was slightly worried about how things will turn out. Plus, knowing my track record for being absolutely clumsy, it’s quite a miracle the kitchen (and all its contents) are still intact.

I used Green’s pancake shake for the batter. Everything comes pre-mixed in that bottle and all I had to do was add water and shake it until it was smooth and frothy.

Preparing the pancakes was the most tedious part. I had to cook them one at a time on low heat, and that bottle of batter made 10 pancakes.



I made a mistake on the first pancake and shoved it right at the bottom of the stack … which explains why the pancake at the bottom is darker than the rest.

Next, the prawns.

I dumped a tablespoon of butter into the pan and immediately shoved 18 prawns in (de-shelled and beheaded muahaha). I stir-fried on low heat until the prawns were orange before dumping another 2 tablespoons of Classico Alfredo & Roasted Garlic sauce in.

Those prawns have to be out of the pan in less than 90 seconds. (You don’t want overcooked prawns, don’t you?)

I pre-heated more of the Classico Alfredo & Roasted Garlic sauce to eat the pancakes with. (Some might prefer just maple syrup, but I wanted something new.) Dolloped the sauce on top of the pancakes, placed the garlic butter prawns at the side and … taa-daah.

Garlic butter prawn pancakes.
Garlic butter prawn pancakes!

My very own home-cooked version of garlic butter prawn pancakes. Enough to feed 3 people too, at a cost of less than 20 buckeroos.

Don’t ask me where I got the recipe from. I just mimicked whatever I could based on what I’ve tasted at Strictly Pancakes. Plus, using the premixed stuff for pancakes and bottled sauce helps a lot too. I could just focus on not getting into trouble in the kitchen.

Experiment successful, it seems.

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