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15 2017

10:15 PM

Life is Life

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Hello, I’m in Vancouver

When I tell anyone I’m heading to Canada, they all go “whoa, that’s so far away!”

Me? My response is a flippant “nah, it’s just two flights away! I’ll get there in no time.”

Somehow, the fact that Vancouver is a 4 + 12 hour flight away with a 6 hour transit midway did not register in my mind.

I’ll just get by.

I generally like airplane rides anyway.

But it was only when I was at the 25% mark into the 12 hour flight to Vancouver, flying over the Pacific Ocean with a screaming kid seated next to me did I realize the magnitude of just how long this journey will be.

Oh fuck, what the hell did I get myself into?

Is this all worth it?

Am I going to end up killing that kid before we land?

The kid made it out of the flight alive, don’t worry. Although I must say I was dangerously close to wanting to commit murder mid-air.

But yay, I got here. A journey of 22 hours in total and I managed it solo. For some reason, I feel insanely proud of myself.

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