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26 2014

6:36 PM

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Comments Off on Have a loose ring? Here’s how you can tighten it.

Have a loose ring? Here’s how you can tighten it.

I love rings. So much so I have a ridiculous number of them. It’s rather easy to get nice rings (cheaply too) here in Singapore, with my favourite haunts being the weekly flea markets at SCAPE and on the mobile e-commerce app Carousell.

My ridiculous collection of rings.
My funky (bordering slightly on geeky) ring collection.

I grew my collection again yesterday at the SCAPE flea market. I usually wear adjustable rings or rings with an inner diameter of 17mm. But this particular stall I was browsing didn’t have many adjustable rings, I spent ages trying on ring after ring to gauge the right sizing.

However, I still went home with two rings in the wrong size.

Perhaps my fingers had expanded a little more than usual yesterday, because both rings were a millimeter too big. Sounds small, but it makes a lot of difference in ring sizing. Plus, I have really tiny fingers to begin with.

A search online on how to tighten rings brought up suggestions such as attaching a ring guard/sizer (cumbersome) or applying a thin layer of cushion solution.

The latter method appealed to me but it was near impossible to find cushion solution here in Singapore. (I don’t even know where to begin.)

So I decided to substitute it with something else. I used Sally Hansen’s Diamond Flash Top Coat. (Actually, any clear nail polish/top coat/base coat will do fine too.)

Sally Hansen's Diamond Flash Top Coat

To reduce your ring size by one milimetre, apply three coats of polish on the inner surface of your ring, leaving it to dry for about a minute in between coats.

After applying the last coat, let the ring sit for half a day to ensure that the thick coat of polish dries completely. The layer of nail polish coating should feel solid to the touch, even when it is pressed. If it feels soft/cushiony, it has not dried enough yet.

Finally, a wearable ring!
Spot the polish coating on the inner surface of the ring on the left.

And voila – a simple method to tighten a ring using products you’d (most probably) already have at home. What more, you can CTRL-Z the whole process if you make a mistake. Just use nail polish remover and you’ll be back at the original size.

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