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01 2012

3:57 AM

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Being a tourist doesn’t earn you special privileges

Yesterday evening, mum and I were queuing up at an extremely packed Fish & Co restaurant. We were inching closer to the front of the line when we witnessed the following scene.

Said lady was already at the front of the line (and just in front of us). Apparently she was so tired of waiting that she bugged the waitress for a seat. When the waitress informed her that there are no seats available, not even for one person, she turned nasty.

“I am a tourist, you know. How can you tell me that there are no seats for me?”

The waitress had to pacify her (when she could very well be serving other customers, grateful customers may I add). The supervisor was called out. And the duo struggled to appease her.

Later on …

“How can you say that just because I am only one person, you don’t have a seat for me?”

Well, now she was twisting words.

The duo continued to explain the situation to her which seemingly didn’t work, because she just turned away and stalked off eventually.

All that time, I stood behind that her, silently seething because she was giving the poor young waitress hell when the latter didn’t deserve it. Was extremely tempted to tell her off, but kept quiet. Now I’m regretting the fact I didn’t stand up for the waitress.

Please. Being a tourist doesn’t mean the world owes you a living.

This woman wasted the resources of two people (in a packed restaurant) which eventually amounted to nothing. It’s best to not give a hoot with unreasonable people. They’re just crying for attention.

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