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17 2012

2:55 PM


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Good bye, San Francisco

So here I sit, waiting for a flight back to Singapore after 17 absolutely awesome days in the US of A – 9 days in San Francisco, 3 days in Las Vegas and 5 days in Austin.

It was just me and another girl friend. Everyone who knew about the trip feared for our safety. Parents, friends, relatives.

I was actually dreading this trip as it loomed closer. Thoughts of “why on earth did I agree to this?” and “ZOMG, can I survive this?!” ran through my head like wildfire.

It was my first trip to a place I haven’t been before. On my own. (Well, nearly – my friend was just as lost as I was.) Without any adults around. (Most of my previous trips were with family. Otherwise, I’ll be in a group of at least 3 friends.)

It cumulated into 2 days of frantic researching during the weekend before our trip, as I figured out transit maps, directions, hotel locations and places we wanted to go.

It’s day 17. Our trip is nearly over, and we’ve had a blast of a time. It makes me wonder what I was so scared of before, and I realized that I’m actually more independent than I think.

In between meeting Elea (hurray for blogger friends), belting out karaoke on a stage in front of a sea of unknown people, travelling to places far out from the city such as the Googleplex and Apple’s Cupertino Campus on purely public transport, sniffing out awesome scenic spots (we hoped) not everyone knew about and basically did everything we wanted to do, it was an AWESOME trip. More details in subsequent entries.

It was tiring though. My travel buddy is already all conked out in front of me in the cafe. Heh.

Until we get back to Singapore …

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  • 29 Mar 2012
    5:30 PM


    Man, I just missed you! I haven’t been to Vegas or SF in years, but I love them. I have a chapter set in Vegas in the book Jesslyn is reading and I have an even better story about a trip I took with Olga (the trapezist). She’s another woman who sometimes tells me she loves me, but she’s like the 12 trials of Hercules rolled into one impish female body. I’ll tell you that story sometime, if we’re ever trading stories and you want to see a grown man reduced to tears. No, I was strong, in fact. Alpha male all the way. She had come to visit me in Ohio and we went to Vegas together to see the Cirque shows – the company wanted her to fill in for the O solo trapezist. Well our room had two beds and there was always a sense of sexual ambiguity between us. She had promised me in Sydney, and later on the phone, a blow job. But it was challenge I never claimed. She was both a fantasy to me – 50 points to nail a trapezist, 100 if you do it in the air – and my worst nightmare. She went out that night and didn’t return until 8 the next morning. She’d been partying with the CEO of a casino and some strippers. And apparently there was a lot of vodka, and a sex show took place – she just watched she told me. But she couldn’t invite me over? What kind of friend was that?

    I was more insecure with women then than I am now. I wanted so much to be loved and wanted. Now I just want the women who love and want me to do it a little more economically.

    We were arguing heatedly at 8 in the morning. She was packing – she’s always packing. I’d tried to make this trip happen for her and she had abused me at every step. I said, look at all we’ve been through together. Have you ever been closer to anyone else? Have I? You can go through that door, but who is going to be on the other side for you? You can’t get along with anyone. You have no stability in your life. I’m the only person you’ve ever met who can handle you. Who wants to handle you. Who won’t ever go away, if you don’t open that door.


    I’m glad you liked my country, although you visited some of the best places. I thought Singaporans were born with a backpack.

    I challenge you to come back!

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