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06 2012

This is why I love skywatching …

… because you’ll never know what to expect.

Was taking a nice, slow walk back home when suddenly I felt this strange urge to look at the sky. (Usually, I don’t bother since I’m in cloud kuku land when strolling about, and also attempting to dodge cars and all … which I nearly got hit by one actually, but that’s a different story altogether.)

So, I gazed up and saw this magnificent lunar halo smiling down at me.

Lunar Halo, 06 January 2012
Lunar Halo with Orion’s belt 45 degrees to the top right.
Captured on an Canon EOS 450D, F3.5 + 20s shutter speed.

It was quite a massive halo, spanning a large area of the sky. Hurrah for wide-angle lenses. I managed to capture the entire halo along with some surrounding constellations.

The halo had faded considerably by the time I reached home and retrieved my camera, but enjoy what’s left of it. (;

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  • 07 Jan 2012
    6:18 AM


    I didn’t think it’s possible to see surrounding constellations with a full moon in Asia! :O

    • 07 Jan 2012
      4:11 PM


      Haha, you can! You just have to squint really hard. (; Thankfully, it’s pretty dark at my rooftop garden so there wasn’t much light pollution in the way.

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