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28 2011

10:53 PM

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Impresario Auditions: My stage, my moment

After having taken a break from all things music-related for close to three years, I decided to audition for Impresario 2012 a week ago.

It was one of the more challenging decisions I’ve made recently. The weeks preceding the deadline had seen me swinging drastically from being “really keen to give it a go” to “meh, I really don’t have the time“.

Eventually, I swung back to the former and registered for an audition exactly on the registration closing date, with zero expectations.

It’s just for a bit of fun and excitement.

Surprisingly, I was barely nervous when I’d usually be a wreck. The whole thing went swimmingly well – my voice was steady (although my hands were trembling slightly) and completely on pitch, I added as much emotion into the song (as I could handle) and made the necessary eye contact.

In short, everything went much better than it did when I rehearsed at home.

The organizing team captured a picture of me just before I entered the audition room … with my big grin and all (and lookin’ just a little bit sleepy).

Impresario 2012
Photo credit to Impresario 2012.

I left the audition room grinning and feeling completely ecstatic. I wanted to give it my best shot, and I managed to. I’ve had my moment. I’m happy enough.

The audition results are due to be released anytime soon. Whether I’m in or out, it doesn’t matter. The experience of the audition itself (and the high I felt for the entire evening after the audition) was already well worth it.

I’m glad I decided to try out.

Unrelated, but I happen to think this contestant is really pretty.

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