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19 2011

Salespeople, your attitude matters.

So, I was patronizing a particular store on level 3 at Bugis Street this evening when I chanced upon a series of button-on collars. I knew that I was definitely getting one, though was still quite undecided on the colour. So I told the salesgirl that I’d think about it first and return later.

Her response left me dumbstruck.

“If you walk out of the store and come back later, the price will not be $10 any more, it’ll be $15,” the salesgirl informed me in a snooty tone.

“Wow, really?! Then I’m NOT coming back,” said I, and strode out immediately.

(She spoke in Mandarin, and what I’ve just quoted was a rough translation to English. Apparently – according to her – $15 was the original price of the collar, while she decided to quote me $10 out of niceness … which everyone could see by now, had a huge caveat attached to it.)

I was experiencing a lot of indignation after that. Though I really wanted the collar, I hated her attitude so badly that I simply refused to give her any form of business (or commission, for that matter). She sure as heck didn’t deserve it.

Luck was on my side, though.

I chanced upon another store selling the same collars at $15. After a bit of haggling, I managed to bargain the price down to $10, while the salesgirl even offered 20% on all her apparel if I bought the collar (the last bit was on her own accord).

I ended up buying two collars. (But no apparel.)

Button-on collars
Button-on collars in yellow and green.

I #win.

The salesgirl was also full of #win. She remained friendly throughout the entire transaction, even when I was showing signs of indecisiveness. No trace of snootiness anywhere. I like.

Salespeople out there, your attitude and sincerity matters. If you don’t have it, I’m going to your competitors.

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  • 20 Nov 2011
    1:11 AM


    O.M.G! I didn’t know there were such sales people HERE! I think she said that coz she was sure there were other shops selling the same products but they may either be the same price or cheaper. geez. I’m just as miffed as you are!

    • 11 Dec 2011
      3:36 AM


      Haha, Bugis Street has OODLES of them unfortunately. :/

  • 29 Nov 2011
    11:24 AM


    I live in Las Vegas which means everyone here is snooty and out to get your dollar. When you are walking down the street there are people selling water. They’ll kindly offer you a water, and you’ll kindly decline. They’ll then call you an “inconsiderate bastard” and tell you to “go ahead and die of dehydration.” Nope, don’t want your water anymore!

    I’m surprised at how rude sales people are, though. I mean, doesn’t their job depend on how nice they are? I should think so! Goodbye business if the person at the cash register is an asshole…

    At least you got your collars! Karma was on your side. :^)

    • 11 Dec 2011
      3:35 AM


      I think I was just lucky! I’m guessing snootiness in the retail industry is mostly due to them being complacent. They wouldn’t be short of business since after all, we’re surrounded by shopaholics, aren’t we? (;

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