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25 2011

I’m glad you’re safe.

People should just learn to stop fucking judging.

Are you in that person’s shoes? Do you know what the person is going through? Do you know what it means to have depressive disorder (or any other major illness, for that matter)? Do you know how it feels to be subject to something that is totally beyond your control?

Do you know how it’s like to experience the anger, the frustration, the hurt and dejection as you continuously crawl your way back to normalcy but keep falling?

You don’t? Then shut up.

It’s so easy to simply stand out there and watch, blame and accuse. This is what the human race has degenerated into – a bunch of cold-blooded people with a complete lack of empathy.

I’m extremely relieved you’re still alive, Elaine.

And please stay alive. People love you.

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  • 25 Oct 2011
    7:01 PM


    i saw the whole drama unfold on twitter. i don’t know her and i can’t say i completely understand depression, so i won’t comment on why she made those decisions.

    i was more concerned that i could actually follow these things on twitter – i understand twitter is a mode of communication for them, but was there a need to publicise (for lack of a better word) the whole thing online? i felt her friends should have kept it offline, or at least not include her twitter handle.

    i’m not defending the people who are talking about her, but this is social media, and people will talk about any damn thing under the sun. i don’t think those people are cold blooded or lacking in empathy, but perhaps they just don’t understand. that still isn’t going to stop them from commenting about these things. people gravitate towards these sort of things, whether you like it or not. (just look at bedok reservoir) so if this is discussed so openly on twitter, they also have to be prepared for those sort of comments.

    so yes, of course it’s easy to stand there and talk. this is social media in singapore. they have nothing else to talk about. i guess what her friends can do would either be to educate people on what depression really is? my two cents…

    • 25 Oct 2011
      9:41 PM


      Yeah, that makes perfect sense. In fact, not just Singapore. But this is the way social media is everywhere in the world. Controversy sells. All the time.

      People will definitely talk for sure. What got me angry was really the extent of which some people went in their judgments. Saying that she is “selfish”, “self-centred” and “demanding attention” when they barely know her and the extent of her illness was taking it too far, me feels.

      The thing about depression is thay people don’t turn suicidal because of something wrong/missing in their lives. They just do for no apparent reason – there’s just this overwhelming feeling that is difficult, or even impossible to suppress. Like you said, it could help if more people were aware of the physiology of depression and her friends are the best people to spread the word. (:

      I’m a little confused myself about how the whole thing unfolded so I won’t comment on that. But definitely, including her Twitter handle brought her much unnecessary publicity which she definitely could do without. :(

  • 25 Oct 2011
    9:08 PM


    being at the receiving end of people’s judgment, i feel the agony too… why people are like that? they just are, it’s a mystery no one can solve. some people are born empathetic. others are just vindictive. we just gotta filter out the good from the bad and pick out what’s constructive, like what you always advise me to =) i just hope elaine is strong enough to handle it the next time she opens her twitter account and sees the onslaught of @replies…

    • 25 Oct 2011
      9:44 PM


      Yes, dear. I’m glad you remembered that, and keep on remembering. (:

      People talk, just let them. Me writing a post telling people to shut up won’t make them shut up either because that’s just the way people are. Just keep on staying strong, because there’s no better person to rely on than yourself!

  • 25 Oct 2011
    9:09 PM


    *being at the receiving end of people’s judgment BEFORE, i meant

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