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30 2011

It’s a small world after all

When I first started blogging in 2001, I always thought that it was just an outlet to vent and basically talk about my day. Blogging wasn’t big back then, but existed within what we called the “teen web scene”. Within this “scene”, blogging was big – although it was mostly filled with angst-filled teenage whims and ramblings. It was totally different back then as compared to now.

I received my first comment in November 2001 and it made me shout aloud with glee. It was the “wow, there are people listening to me?!” kind of feeling, and it just spurred me on to write more.

So, write more I did. I started writing about my day in full detail, emphasizing on the funny and interesting bits. The number of comments and readership grew. Soon, I began to spot a few familiar names appearing over and over again in my comments. Out of curiosity, I checked out their sites and was hooked.

We became blogging pals, familiar to one another on the web but still strangers offline. Some were based in Singapore and some, overseas. They knew almost every bit of information about me (thanks to my blog entries). Likewise, so did I.

One thing for sure, I didn’t expect back then that we’d actually meet in real life.

Dayna, Cherlynn, Terry and I meet regularly now. And just last weekend, Chien Yee from Brunei happened to be in Singapore and we all decided to meet up.

First stop, Chinatown. Terry, Chien Yee, Dayna and I.

If I remember correctly, Chien Yee started reading my blog in end-2005, back when I was a wee university freshman. My entries back then were plagued with angst and a whole load of indecisiveness. But she stuck with reading my blog anyway, which is really awesome.

Second stop, Singapore Flyer. Supposedly to check out a flea market that never was.

Dayna is easily the longest-standing reader among the four. The very first comment she posted on my site was “Hi Brenda, Have a happy new year and may your new year be filled with joy and happiness… Cheers! =D”. This was soon followed by her second comment, “That was a bad day, but cheer up. Things are going to get better when we look on the bright side of life. =)”.

This was way back in late-2004. Fresh out of Junior College and also, very very angsty. Like Chien Yee, she overlooked all that and still stood by me and my blog through the good times and the bad. Dayna and I only officially met up for the first time in end-2009 … five full years after our first contact online.

At the Marina reservoir overlooking Marina Bay Sands and the city.

I only started reading Terry’s blog sometime early last year, a recommendation through Dayna. During my very first visit, something in his blog header jumped right out at me, and it was his (now) distinctive trademark quote, “No, I am not a teddy bear.” Well, it definitely stuck. So many times, I was (almost) on the verge of calling him ‘Teddy’. I’m glad I’m past that stage now and am getting his name right. :P

Terry is very much like me. Very, VERY quirky. Just check out the photo below to get what I mean.

Terry photobombing Dayna’s profile shot.

There was none of the usual awkward silences as when two strangers first meet up. Our background of being fellow bloggers for so many years helped, and we were into the happy chitty chatty moments stage within seconds.

Dayna and Chien Yee enjoying a Titanic moment.

Chien Yee and I enjoying an I-don’t-know-what moment.

Now, we’re out almost every weekend. Throgging flea markets and shopping like there’s no tomorrow (Dayna), singing out in public like we’re the only people in the world (Cherlynn) and talking and laughing just about anything (Terry).

Sitting by the Kallang river, waiting for Cherlynn to arrive.

Cherlynn is another Singapore-based blogger whom I got to know through Dayna and Terry. Prior to meeting her, I’ve never read her blog before and so meeting her for the first time was like going on a blind date. Well, it definitely was a good date.

Now, the vocal prowess of Cherlynn and I combined will never fail to drive Dayna crazy, because we are always demonstrating it at all the wrong times, and at the wrong places.

Cherlynn finally arrives for a group photo.

It’s amazing, ain’t it? Five different people from totally different walks of life … initially strangers, but brought together through blogging. Our paths would never have met otherwise.

I’ve absolutely no idea what they were doing. But a great photo, nonetheless.

And I’ve realized that whatever I’m writing now bears no relevance to the photos I’m posting. I haven’t made any mention of how that group outing with Chien Yee went. But I’m pretty sure the photos say it all.

Well, I have loads of things to thank blogging for. It helped me write better, think and express myself more coherently. But one thing for sure, it brought me together with awesome people like you guys. And when I say ‘you guys’, I mean every single one of you out there reading this.

Closing the say with a snapshot in the toilet. (Well, humans need to pee after all.)

I am still oh so amazed at how our paths crossed. And Chien Yee, I hope you’ve had a great day out with us and see you again in December!

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  • 31 Aug 2011
    8:16 AM


    definitely a great blind date!! =)) I’m also really amazed by how blogging, as a somewhat narcissistic hobby, manages to bring together people from all over the world! Thank you internets!

    It was an awesome awesome day =))

    PS I really love this layout! It’s so you (that drawing up there =P) hehe.

    • 01 Sep 2011
      5:49 PM


      Haha, thank you dear. And yes, you’re slow. (;

  • 31 Aug 2011
    10:10 PM


    Yep yep, time flies huh? I still remember I used to buy your handmade earrings (can’t remember which year that was) and you included a card with the purchase. :) Let me dig through my treasures to see if I can find it later!

    It was an aweeesommmeee day even though both Cherlynn and your singing NEVER fails to drive me crazy but I still love you guys! <3

    • 01 Sep 2011
      5:50 PM


      Good golly, that was early 2005, I think. I’ve stopped making earrings since then. :P And I’m amazed you still have the card. I even forgot I sent it. It’s been so long ago!

      Aww, sooner or later we’ll make you love our singing. (;

  • 01 Sep 2011
    1:56 AM


    It’s been so long ago eh? But it was such a fun trip! Hahaha Dayna, at least we were both in this together when they sang this time, right? XD I’m so going to miss Singapore and I can’t wait to see all of you again in December :) <3

    • 01 Sep 2011
      5:51 PM


      Yes, definitely! And please get parental permission for the Marina Bay Sands overnight stay in December! :P

    • 02 Sep 2011
      8:08 AM


      hey now Chien, you say that like our singing was a bad thing that had to be *endured*. Please! It was an honor for you and Dayna! =P

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