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04 2011

11:55 PM

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Addicted to denim

In recent months, I’m finding myself increasingly hooked on denim. I love its ruggedness and its versatility, and how it matches with absolutely anything.

Denim also has an inherent characteristic that I can relate to – how it’s tough and able to withstand even the roughest of terrains and yet still emerge strong. Sure, it undergoes loads of wear and tear. But that’s what gives it personality. Just like how battle scars say a lot about a person’s past history, and shape one’s character.

I bought the following denim vest online a couple of days ago.

Denim vest, FTW!
Photos credit to Wonderstellar.

The parcel reached me today, and I tore it apart with glee.

But when I attempted to stick it in my wardrobe, I took in the view of all my other denim shirts (5 long sleeved and 2 sleeveless) hung side-by-side, along with my humongous stack of denim bottoms … and felt insanely guilty.

Oh well.

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