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17 2011

11:29 PM

Life is Life

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Mystery of the missing cloth – a happy ending

Remember the missing piece of white cloth I was griping about in my previous post?

Well, yes. That was more than two weeks ago. And as of three days before today, I was still a wreck, wondering where that dratted piece of cloth was because I really wanted to sew my pants. And this was after nearly two weeks of checking every single corner of my room. (Nope, still no white cloth.)

Two days, I came home from work … and found the white cloth sitting on my desk.

When I say sitting on my desk, I really mean sitting on my desk. In full view.

So, obviously someone has found it and placed it there. But who … ? And where … ? So, I decided to ask the family maid, since she usually cleans up some stuff in my room when I’m out.

Well, she said she found it behind the boxes stacked by my window. But as far as I know, the cloth had always been sitting on my desk .. until the day it went missing, that is.

“How did it get there?” I pressed. She became a little evasive, hem and hawing in her responses.

Both parents were standing nearby and watching this little exchange with barely concealed grins. By then, all three of us knew … the family maid must have accidentally misplaced the cloth, dropping it in a completely random spot while she went about doing her cleaning (and unfortunately, also yakking on the phone at the same time).

How did we know? Because the same thing happened with my dad’s car keys last week. The object will suddenly go mysteriously missing … and then end up in some random spot not touched by any one of us.

Now, the white cloth is placed neatly on the shelf next to my desk, in full view (and extremely accessible) to me when I want to use it.

Unfortunately, I no longer feel like sewing my pants now. :(

Sidenote: I also mentioned in the earlier post that I decluttered my desk before discovering the cloth was missing. Well, honestly – I can’t remember whether I saw the cloth there when I was clearing my desk either. So what’s worse than one absent-minded person? Two absent-minded people. :/

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