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16 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse from Singapore

There’s currently a lunar eclipse going in Singapore. (In fact, we’re still in total eclipse at the moment. Act fast, though – the moon will start to peek out in about 10 minutes time.)

All my previous attempts at lunar eclipse-geeking was thwarted by thick cloud covers, so I stayed up late today to catch this one.

Tonight, the sky wasn’t very welcoming. Lightning was flashing in the distance, but (thankfully) the cloud cover was relatively mild.

Total lunar eclipse, 16th June 2011
Moon captures between 2.27am to 2.56am.

The clouds thickened at one point, scattering light from the moon so badly that I had to abandon attempts at photo-taking for a bit (hence the blurriness of the last few pictures). Although it lightened again just in time for the final phases before totality.

Total lunar eclipse, 16th June 2011
Approaching totality at 3.26am.

I can now go to bed satisfied.

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  • 02 Jul 2011
    4:38 PM

    emelia t.

    my first time watching an eclipse too. was quite magical to say the least. =P wish there were less clouds though!

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