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22 2011

You’re never too young to make a difference

In 1999, my favourite bus service (back at my old home) was converted from a purely non-air conditioned service to a partial one (meaning that some buses would be air-conditioned and others, won’t.)

I liked the feeling of natural air blowing at my hair as I rode the bus back from school back then, so I voiced my displeasure. I wrote a letter to SBSTransit (known as just SBS back then) expressing my distaste for how air-conditioned buses will pamper Singaporeans in general and cause more environmental pollution.

It was written on pink Hello Kitty paper, and I dropped it off at the information booth at the bus interchange while on my way back from school.

I didn’t expect a reply. But less than two weeks later, I received a postcard from SBSTransit, thanking me for my feedback and that they’d look into it.

Unfortunately, the postcard was intercepted by my then-family maid who passed it on to my mother, remarking that I’ve become a meddlesome creature who was making trouble for big agencies. Both then interrogated me about what I had written in the original letter and lambasted me for it.

I was since then, barred from writing letters to ‘big government companies’ because I was merely being a busybody and they won’t listen to a small fry like me. I was immensely annoyed, but didn’t say anything.

Less than two years later (when I was 14), a new neighbour moved in – whose window directly faced my home’s dining room where I studied every afternoon. The neighbour proved to be a disturbing one. His/her son would without fail, blast his infernal techno music at full volume every afternoon. Either that, or he would practise his guitar playing with the window wide open.

And I was trying to study.

Bearing in mind I was no longer allowed to write to ‘big government agencies’, I wrote directly to the neighbour – basically telling him/her that his/her son had to shut the hell up for the comfort of the other residents in their vicinity and for the general peace and quiet of the neighbourhood.

There was the sound of loud yelling from that neighbour’s house one afternoon. Apparently that of the neighbour screaming at the son for the daily afternoon din. Subsequently, every afternoon was filled with the song of silence, with the son’s window clamped shut.

A few days later, mum pointed out the sudden silence, bemused. “Eh, our neighbour is no longer making noise ah?”

So I pointed out that it was because I wrote to them.

She went white.

Just imagine her response after that. (Hint: It borders on the line of hysterical.)

This story doesn’t have a moral. This memory just suddenly came back to me once fine day and I wanted to share this because you know, just because “you are a small fry” doesn’t mean that you can’t make a difference in today’s society.

Society generally frowns upon people who speak up more than they should. But if everyone keeps silent at everything, there wouldn’t be change. Be daring to speak up, no matter how young you are.

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  • 22 May 2011
    11:06 PM


    Ah, thanks for this post babe. Two months ago, I wanted to write a letter to SCDF hoping that they can publish this app used in SF to save lives(http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/16/san-francisco-pledges-support-for-life-saving-fire-department-mobile-app/), but got distracted with other things halfway through.

    Gonna write to them now :)

  • 23 May 2011
    2:34 AM


    It’s funny because lately all I seem to hear is the message that you CAN make a difference through a letter. I was drafting a letter to a company in my head this morning, and I think I better sit down and write it out now. Maybe they’ll look into the problem I’m having.

  • 26 May 2011
    5:17 PM


    This reminds me of that scene in the movie White Chicks. “I’m going to write a LETTER!” and everyone panics.

    In highschool, we were encouraged to voice out our opinions via written format, but I was never brave enough because I always told myself that it’d get lost in the snail-mail hustle and bustle and that it would never reach my intended audience. I wish I had your guts at that age (and now, come to think of it) to be a bit more vocal with my opinions.

    That’s a very good story though!

  • 05 Jun 2011
    10:40 PM


    Perhaps I should start writing letters to my neighbours to stop letting their annoying/screaming kids out during the night. I did wrote in to the Town Council regarding the trash that were thrown outside the lift though and apparently 1 letter works much better than 30 over phone calls!

    But Singaporean these days usually go for the options that gives them lesser trouble – the tenancy to stay out of others business…

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