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14 2011

I think I’m a lucky girl

Call it luck or the outcome of hard work (for some) – I am actually really happy with where I am right now.

1. I’ve an awesome Dad who supports me 100% in any career I choose to do, and every decision I make.

2. I’ve an extremely patient Mum who is willing to tolerate all my shit, my mood swings, and patiently bringing me for my frequent doctors’ appointments.

3. I’ve really supportive friends who – even when we don’t meet or contact for a short while – still keep me in their minds, and I know they love me as much as I love them.

4. I’m working in a really awesome company, with bosses (who also happen to be my friends) who took me on despite knowing my medical history, in full faith that I can bring value to the team. Also, I’ve colleagues who care for me, cheer me on when I’m down, and remind me gently to slow down when I’m go on full-workaholic mode.

5. All the past opportunities I’ve had: Enrolling in and graduating from a university that I love (and enjoying almost every single course and module that I took – in contrast to most other students who faced each school day with dread). Having previously worked at another startup company with people who are elites in their field, and gained invaluable experience in user experience design and web programming.

6. My natural myriad of interests in computers (since young – I first touched HTML code when I was 11), reading, writing, photography and human-computer interaction design which gave me much insight and help in my work. This also allowed me to combine work and pleasure at the same time.

It’s a mixture of of all the above factors that led me to where I am now. There are times where things go downhill, but everything happens for a reason. Ultimately, there will always be people who care (despite the well-known perception that this is a cruel world) and the fact that you have to be the one who stays in control despite all the events that fate swings your way.

With all the upsides, there is still one downside – my poor health.

But looking at it from another perspective, I’m happy I’m still alive after the past 4 years of struggles, and that I’m not dead yet. :P

How about you? What are you happy for?

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  • 15 May 2011
    5:07 AM


    Haha, being “not dead yet” is definitely something to be happy about. ^^ Anyway, hiiii Brendaaaa! I’m so sorry I haven’t been around blog-reading at all, I’ve now added you to my trusted Google Reader (I’m ashamed at how late I started to make regular use of an RSS reader…).

    I’m happy for you and your six points listed above. I’m happy for most things in my life. Even really negative things so far, like with my family or my own insecurities about myself — everything really has at least a tiny bit of good or wisdom in it so the way I see it: I’m meant to be at least thankful that it all happened. Thankful does not always mean “happy” happy, but yes. Thankful is good. :)

    • 22 May 2011
      9:57 PM


      Haha, hello Aneesah. Long time no see. (; And yes, negative things sometimes happen for a reason – but something good will always come out of it.

  • 15 May 2011
    4:10 PM


    Oh those are definitely enough reasons to be grateful for. :D

    As for me, right now I’m grateful to have landed a great job with an really understanding boss. Considering how I felt a year ago when I changed jobs… this is amazing.
    I’m also grateful that I get to travel to foreign countries and just gawk around and be a tourist. :)

    • 22 May 2011
      10:00 PM


      Oh, everyone should definitely be grateful for the ability to travel to foreign cities. :P Just imagine, this wasn’t possible many donkey years ago!

  • 18 May 2011
    7:23 AM


    I think I’m lucky to read this list. :)

    • 22 May 2011
      10:04 PM


      And I’m grateful for people like you who stayed by my blog during the turbulent times. (:

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