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19 2011

Insect mutilation fail

So I spotted this black dot on the ceiling and wondered what the heck it was.

After examining it a little closer (by standing on my bed), I deduced it to be a spider and wanted it dead like, nao. Creepy crawlies are so not welcome in my room.

I went outside to fetch a newspaper, intending to throw it upwards horizontally. This is so that it will nicely smack said spider and fall back down with its carcass, allowing me to pick it up and throw it away.

Arriving back in my room with my choice of weapon, I took aim.

Ready, get set, fire. The newspaper went flying upwards … in the wrong direction. It went up vertically instead, smacking the ceiling next to the spider with a loud thwack, and basically knocked the spider off the ceiling … causing it to land somewhere, quite possibly still alive.

Gosh, my aiming sucks. Fail #1.

And the spider still could be crawling somewhere in my room. Oh, damn it.

After a short hunt around, I decided to give up and resume whatever I was doing before having spotted that dratted thing … and that was when I spotted that dratted thing again.

Still on the ceiling.

I was puzzled. I thought I had already knocked it off the ceiling? Unless that spider had legs that allowed it to crawl at the speed of light? Or … were there two spiders instead?

Totally not relying on my own sucky aiming anymore, and called my mum for help.

Minutes later, mum stood on my bed, closely examining the black speck on the ceiling. Her face took on a puzzled expression, before she eventually burst into sniggers.

“Brenda, this is not a spider. It’s a housefly!”

Enemy identification fail. And that’s fail #2 for the day.

So, that explains how it could get back on the ceiling so quickly. At least there are no spiders after all, I wouldn’t like them spinning webs in various corners of my room.

The housefly is still at large. Darn it.

And I still can’t really tell insects apart at my age. Oh, how embarrassing.

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  • 01 May 2011
    6:56 AM


    That’s actually quite an amusing mix-up that you fell into there. Either way, newspapers/magazines should definitely be called upon even if you only think that there’s a spider. In fact, I used to keep an old copy of OK magazine on my desk because spiders used to get into my old room really easily.

    Tip for next time there’s a spider on the ceiling though: hoover him up. I had one on the ceiling over my bed, and I didn’t want to risk it dropping on the bed when I hit it, so I went and grabbed the hoover and sucked the damn thing straight up it. :D

    • 03 May 2011
      7:23 PM


      Dang. Now, why didn’t I think of using the vacuum (I think that’s what hoovers are called here in Singapore!)? Then again, I’m pretty lazy and the vacuum cleaner we have at home needs a fair bit of setting up. Newspapers are the way to go … subject to my aiming accuracy, of course. :P

  • 03 May 2011
    12:05 AM


    Haha, if the insect is something else than a fly, I’ll scream! I don’t like spiders and murder them as fast as I can when I see one. At our summer cottage (in the middle of a forest) I always have trouble sleeping when I’m looking up at the ceiling and wondering “is THAT dark spot a spider, how about THAT one”..but usually those are just nails or something (yeah the summer house is old and has been through a lot :P).

    • 03 May 2011
      7:24 PM


      Like you, I can’t sleep in peace knowing there’s a stray dot (possible insect?) somewhere in my room. They should all be annihilated. Rawr!

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