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12 2011

Hello, I am not a ‘Sir’

I’ve been really fickle about my hair. Some days, I just wish it’d grow faster. And on other days, I just can’t wait to get it all chopped off.

My last haircut was about a month ago – where I decided to retained my short (extremely layered), slightly tomboyish crop. It’s grown out quite a fair bit now and once again, I’m undecided.

Mum and I was at Parkway Parade this evening. While strolling along, I was eyeing my reflection in the glass door next to me – particularly my hair.

“Hmm, should I cut my hair again?” I wondered aloud.

Mum just stared at me – I knew very well how she felt about me having short hair in general, so I didn’t really need an answer.

We walked on.

And when we walked past the food counter at Yoshinoya (a Japanese rice set fast-food joint), one of the guys behind the counter – in a fit of over-enthusiasm (because the joint was empty at that moment), decided to yell out.

“Hello maam! Hello sir!”

I looked around. There was no one else in the vicinity except for my mum and me.

“Sir?! What the fuck?!” was my outburst, directed at no one in particular.

The fellow behind the counter at least had the grace to look sheepish. Mum on the other hand, couldn’t stop laughing for quite a while.

As for the answer to the question, “should I cut my hair shorter?” Well, it’s quite obvious that I’ve gotten my answer. No.

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  • 13 Apr 2011
    12:57 PM


    My friend has the opposite problem. He’s quite fashionable, a little short in height and has longish hair (for the average guy). We’ve had too many salespeople greet us with “hello/welcome ladies” when we walk side by side. :P

    • 14 Apr 2011
      12:50 AM


      Haha, ain’t it fun to confuse others sometimes? (; I actually seek out a secret thrill in having salespeople address me as ‘sir’, then respond in a distinctly female voice and watch the expression of bewilderment on their faces. :P

  • 14 Apr 2011
    11:50 PM

    Serenity Raiyne

    I’ve thought about cutting my hair short… it terrifies me. I know it all grows back but the idea of having short hair *shudders*

    • 19 Apr 2011
      11:11 PM


      I used to think like that too – about how I’d feel very strange before my long hair back then. Until I eventually snipped it off last year and … felt so liberated. Never looked back since. :P

  • 21 Apr 2011
    9:21 AM


    Haha once I had a really short haircut and when I visited Singapore, an aunty in Metro Paragon (who happened to know my aunt before) talked to my aunt “Hi, maam. Welcome back. Ah, is this your nephew?”

    O ow..

    Btw, first time here. Nice blog, Brenda. =)

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