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02 2011

11:28 PM

Life is Life

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Oh hello there, dear relatives!

Was originally considering whether to join the rest of my relatives at an airport send-off. I wasn’t really in a sociable mood and was very, very sleepy. All I wanted was my bed for company.

Eventually, I decided to go. And well, I didn’t regret it. It was only today when I realized how much I missed their company.

Dinner with the relatives at Xing Wang Hong Kong Cafe
Uncle Daniel eyeing the snow ice dessert at Xing Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

Some interesting observations about hanging out with extended family members, or adults in general. (Well, that’s not to say I’m not an adult – but rather, hanging out with people one generation above you.)

1. They can ask you what you want to order at a cafe/restaurant. And then proceed to make a thousand and one remarks about it.

Aunt comes up to me while I was browsing the menu.

“So, what are you having?” she asks.

“Just having a Kaya toast,” says I – not feeling really hungry at that moment.

“Huh?! Are you sure? Is it enough for you or not? It’s dinner time, you should eat something more. I’m afraid it will be too little for you and blah blah blah …”

Well, she asked me what I am having and not what I should be having, right? -.-

2. The younger folks are always made to do the more physically challenging tasks. Several restaurants (including the one we originally wanted to go to) were closed at the airport, so the queues at the remaining ones were snakingly long. While myself and the younger cousin queued – for the entire group of 8 people – for almost 45 minutes, the rest decided to relax in some cozy corner somewhere with cushioned chairs.

Oh, the perks of being part of the older generation. Although I’m in no hurry to get there.

3. You can almost be certain that hanging out with a large group of extended relatives will mean that they will tend to over-order on food. Everything on the menu will suddenly seem more appealing when one is in a group, and especially so when you’re a fifty-something individual who is ravenous after the physically-challenging task of waiting for forty-five minutes seated in a comfortable chair.

Seems like my decision to order a simple Kaya toast for dinner was a good choice because … guess who ended up having all the leftovers?

Should no longer think twice the next time I’m given an opportunity to hang out with them, I suppose. I had fun, for sure.

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