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08 2011

Latest hauls, because I like it

Long, long day out (craft material hunting + impromptu flea market visit) with one of my besties, followed by a shopping trip with mum. Rewarded with all sorts of new bits and pieces which I now proudly call my own.

Starbuck's merchandise
Starbucks mug (left) and plastic tumbler (right).

Upon hearing that Starbuck’s would soon be changing its logo (horrors of horrors – and not liking the new logo one bit), I made it a point to hunt down some merchandise bearing Starbuck’s current logo, so that my memory of the current Starbuck’s experience will be immortalized forever.

Oh, and I managed to get a voucher for a free tall drink during my next visit for my efforts. Hurhur. Apparently, Starbuck’s gives you a free drink for every tumbler purchased. In addition to the tumbler, I bought myself a Starbuck’s mug.

I am especially loving the tumbler. The tumbler is made to look and resemble the transparent cups in which your ice-blended drinks come in, straw included – albeit in a more durable plastic material.

Both are currently sitting proudly on my shelf.

I’d still continue to patronize Starbuck’s despite the logo change, though. Will always be a fan of its signature hot chocolates and vanilla lattes. I drink their beverages, after all. Not the logo.

Ladybird and cassette rings.
Ladybird and cassette rings.

Managed to hunt down these two rings at a flea market the friend and I happened to chance upon. At three bucks apiece, it isn’t a bad deal.

I love trawling through flea markets. Even though I sometimes emerge from them empty handed, they are awesome to look through. Loads of youngsters are beginning to jump on the bandwagon of doing handmade stuff and hawking their wares at such flea markets, and they are a joy to look at.

Love life, love yourself.
Love life, love yourself.

My new favourite bangle acquired from Metalli, a locally-owned brand, the latter of which could quite possibly be my new favourite accessories brand too. I can spend hours just standing in the store and looking through the stuff. Omgah.

The above – among others – are some of the hauls for the day. On top of that, managed to obtain some metal charms, which I’d use to create my own jacket pins. I’m still missing some materials, so the next mission is to head out to scout for ’em. Will post pictures once I’m done.

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  • 09 Jan 2011
    10:59 PM


    Oh my goodness, I had no idea Starbucks was changing their logo! They should have just kept the old logo. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    The jewelry looks absolutely adorable! My favourite is definitely the ladybug ring.

    • 12 Jan 2011
      1:30 AM


      Agreed on why fix it when it’s not broken. The Starbuck’s logo is currently universally loved and recognized. It has this vintage look to it. Will really miss it when it’s gone.

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