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24 2010

1:24 PM



Live Long and Prosper

[Written at 1.24 P.M. (24th December) Singapore time, 5.24 P.M. (24th December) New Zealand time.]

Overcome with boredom at a particular attraction near Rotorua, New Zealand – the cousins and I resorted to amusing ourselves with our fingers.

Inspired by my younger cousin’s t-shirt, as seen in the first picture.

Live long and prosper
I no can has flexible fingers.

Can you do that hand sign?! Well, I can’t. :(

Featuring Grace (Box 2, first from right), Matthias (Box 3), Jeremiah (Box 4, first from left), Jillian (Box 4, second from right) and yours’ truly (Box 5).

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  • 28 Dec 2010
    10:46 AM


    Haha, you have to have been a Trekkie and practicing since you were 3 to do a “Live Long and Prosper” apparently. Excellent shirt.

    • 05 Jan 2011
      10:32 PM


      I hear ye, and I can’t agree less. Despite practising over and over again, I still couldn’t do the sign naturally even at the end of the trip (15 days in total). I became the laughingstock. :P

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