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30 2010

12:30 AM



I want this hat!

Each time I step into River Island, the first thing I’d do is to dive straight for the accessories section and single out this particular hat.

I want!
Making a face to match the hat.

I’d put the hat on, make a bunch of ridiculous faces, and then peer into the mirror to check out how awesome it looks.

Even better if you have a friend around to capture every bit of your fanatical behaviour on camera. (Out of the salespeoples’ line of vision, of course – I doubt photography was allowed in the store.)


It’s an off-white knitted ski cap with this huge black poofy … thing at the top. And a huge smiley-face at the front.

Damn, I want this hat. Oh, so bad.

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  • 30 Nov 2010
    4:01 AM


    Hehe that hat is soooo cute :D I am never brave enough to take pictures in stores. They’re always displaying no photos signs in their windows. :P

    • 30 Nov 2010
      1:28 PM


      The secret is to be nimble and quick, just like how Jack jumped over the candle stick. (;

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