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07 2010

Quiet streets and beautiful skies

I live at a really awesome district. Low traffic flow and with quiet streets.

Some streets are filled with normal houses, mostly landed properties with the occasional low-rise condominiums. Whereas the main street is olden-style shophouses galore. Most of these shophouses have been restored, in a bid to preserve the Malay/Perenakan culture prevalent in the area.

Plus, there’s an awesome view of the sky.

Needless to say, I live in a pretty conducive place for the occasional exploration and photography stints. The latter of which I haven’t actually gotten round to doing despite having lived here for almost three years. No thanks to my hectic schedule.

Quiet streets and beautiful skies
The view that greeted me upon reaching the bus stop at 6pm.

I captured the above en route to meet a friend. Amazed at the first sight of a clear blue sky in weeks (we were plagued with hazy skies and thunderstorms for several weeks on end), I whipped out my phone camera and aimed in the general direction of the sun.

Prior to capturing this photo, it was unfortunate that a truck driver happened to be parked within my line of sight. He spotted me with my camera, honked and flashed the finger in my general direction before driving closer (but out of my camera view finder) to glower at me.

I ignored him and proceeded to capture the photo. No form of ugly behaviour is going to spoil the moment. (Besides – considering his reaction, he must have been doing something fishy in that truck for him to be so suspicious of my camera. Hmm. Anyone wants to speculate what?)

The scene at my previous place was much more scenic. I used to live right next to a reservoir lined with rocky banks and green fields. But every place has it’s own beauty, I guess.

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  • 08 Nov 2010
    12:54 AM


    Eh, I get that mad at people when it looks like they’re aiming a camera at me, especially if I’m moving out of the way and they could just wait a moment. Anyway, what a beautiful picture! I love that light glare. :)

  • 08 Nov 2010
    8:39 PM


    I simply love reading this post..brings back the feeling of nostalgia..old streets, swaying breeze and plenty of sunshine! keep penning :)

  • 12 Nov 2010
    3:38 PM


    hello there darling! haha. i’m loving the picture, it’s such a gorgeous shot. So many times I’m just walking around and I’ll be all like, ” I wish I had a camera to snap this shot with!”

    photography is so much about being at the right place at the right time.. haha. anyhoo, not the main point lol.

    u are an east-side dweller. that’s all i’m gonna say =P West side is teh winz! lol <3

    • 13 Nov 2010
      1:54 AM


      Hurhur, I still love my East side. (;

      Although I must say that all the good nature spots are in the West. I don’t mind, though – this means nice, long enjoyable train/bus/car rides there so it’s a win-win situation!

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